09 janvier 2019

REVIVAL ... maybe ?

Hi old fellows ! 
I've just begun to work at my new Hobby-place ! 
No figures yet... just doing some changes on buildings for my old Western-Town ! 
I want to install a scenery of Tombstone in my new showcase...
and building a new one from "Green-Line Livery Stable"
(and I must say that I definitively hate to built ! Unfortunately, I've another to do .. )

Well .. some pictures ?
let's go ! 

to be continued...

27 janvier 2017


I think that I've not published since ... her... some years ago ? 
I didn't paint a lot ... I show you my first painted figures of 2017...but not the last ones !! 
(Maybe, they will be included in a special project, together with the Hat figures below)

1-From Hecker & Goros : "KSHG 232: German South West Africa
(Like always, totally  free with the colours and the historical accuracy )

 2- HAT 8269: "Ruga-Ruga":
 Just a part of the set, the non-fighting figures : I think they could fit well with the Hecker & Goros ones.

 sorry for the bad pictures.... I didn't use my usual way to take the photos...


09 février 2016

.....ORCS ARE BACK !!! (and me too like a Warrior !)

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen !
Yes I'm back ! 
Those bloody Caesar Orcs were on my painting-table since ... err.... some months ?
I've finished to paint them yesterday night.

The next ones will be the Dark Alliance "ORCS" (all of them) almost finished too !

.... and a little Bonus for this first post of the year : 

28 septembre 2015

PILGRIMS and PIONEERS - IMEX - PART II - Men and Animals

Hi !
I'm back ! After more than 4 months without painting and blogging, I've been able to finish to paint both IMEX sets.
Women were finished a long time ago and in fact, I didn't have a lot of work to do on those figures.

I'm happy to return in my Hobby Room and now, I would like to finish some other projects and also start some new ones...

To be continued!

25 mai 2015

"Pioneers and Pilgrims" IMEX 521 / IMEX 516 -Part I

I don't paint a lot but I paint !
I'm working on both sets of IMEX :
 "American Pioneers" (516) and
 "Pilgrims" (521)
I've just finished the women and some children .
Next part will be the animals and then the men...

20 mai 2015

Medieval Market-Stand (TOMA'S Miniatures)

I apologize to be almost out the blogosphere since a long time : very busy I am ...
I don't paint a lot too ...

Those little set has been finished some weeks ago, and I've had no time to post the pictures before .

Toma sculpts excellent figures, especially for the medieval period, but not only : his Indians and buffaloes are awesome too ! (I've them but didn't paint them... maybe later ?)
(blog: Toma's Minis World )

(bad !) Pictures !!

15 avril 2015

"Travelling People, Jugglers and Acrobats" - (VALDEMAR) PART II

Hi !
I've finished to paint all the set !! (the part I is here )

  The Puppeteers :
 (If somebody has an idea for how to fix the puppets on the puppeteers... thanks)

Something is broken for the drummer 
and I think that the donkey fit with another figure of the part I

"The dancing Bear" :
 " Who wants to dance with me ?? "

07 avril 2015

"Viking SKALD " - KAMAR + Alex Gussev

Some days ago, I've seen that Andreas Brüggeman , the nice and talent man of KAMAR Figuren, have painted this figure sculpted by Alex Gussev : "Viking Skald"
 Mine was on the table since a long time, begun but not finished...
I've taken my brushes, my colours and here is the result :

but what is a Skald ?? (in french : Skalde ou Scalde) says :
 "The term skald (or skáld) meaning ‘poet’, is generally used for poets who composed at the courts of Scandinavian and Icelandic leaders during the Viking Age and Middle Ages. Skaldic poetry forms one of two main groupings of Old Norse poetry, the other being the anonymous Eddic poetry."

 Pour tous mes fidèles lecteurs français : dit que: 
"Le scalde est un poète scandinave, très souven tislandais , du Moyen-Âge , essentiellement du IXème au XIIème siècle.
Il compose en se fondant sur l'allitération, le compte des syllabes,  et l'accentuation. Sa poésie, avec ou sans refrain , volontairement sans lyrisme, loue des personnages, récapitule un lignage, expose des sentiments personnels ou décrit un bel objet. etc.... "

 ... so we can say that it's a sort of Viking troubadour! I've not really find pictures of Skalds on the web, so I felt completely free for the colours! (something I like at mostly ! ). In comparison with the colour scheme of Andi, it's completely different !

05 avril 2015

NAPPIES !!!!!!!! ( Zvezda "French Line Infantry" )

Something I've never thought that I could do : paint Napoleonic figures !
But, Jan from Benno's figures Forum, has started a big project with a lot of other members of the forum : doing a diorama with one figure of all the regiments present at the Battle of Waterloo:
"The “Bennos Figures Forum Famous Waterloo Project” (BFFFWP)" (forum link : here )
So he asked me if I wanted to take part and I've accepted !
Like I'm French, I've chosen a French figure, but those which were interesting (for me!) were not easy to find (or with very expensive Postage costs.. ), so I've bought the small set :
Zvezda "Art of tactic" - Napoleonic French Line Infantry.
What I can say about this set is that it's NOT a good set ! poorly sculpted and difficult to paint!
It was a painful painting work : I'm happy that they are finished   !
Even if I've only 1 figure to send to Jan, I've painted 5, so he will choose the one he want ....
I think that's the first and last time I paint Nappies!