05 juillet 2019


It seems that I've made some progress ... 
Not great painting job but I'm quite satisfied at all ! 

Pictures ? 
Let's go ! 


02 juillet 2019

I've really start to paint again !

Hi ! 
I've said before that I wanted to paint again .. I've done ! 
I've started a new (quite big ) project ... but I prefer to keep it in a secret pocket for the moment. 
I must say that it's difficult to paint after so many years and my skill is down. 
Just a picture of the table : 

I'm also painting some horses for Tombstown , need them for the Corral I've not started.  

I'm really not satisfied, I liked to paint horses but it seems that I don't know any more how to do ! 

Next time, I will post some pictures of  a part of Tombstown. 

19 mars 2019


A quick post to inform you that I've some always items to sell on ebay and that I will have more and more in the  next days ! 
If you're interested with something or searching for a special box, sprue, figure ... you can ask to me ! 
My "shop" is hereMy ebay page  
Like it takes me a lot of time and ... place on my hobby-desk ,
I've no time to paint but as soon as possible,
 I will take my brushes again,
I promise !


06 février 2019

Ebay ...

Hi everybody and the other ones ! 

A quick post to inform you that I've some items to sell on ebay and that I will have more and more in the  next days ! 
If you're interested with something or searching for a special box, sprue, figure ... you can ask to me ! 

My "shop" is hereMy ebay page  

See you soon for a quick review of Western Buildings to complete my previous posts. 


31 janvier 2019

WIP - Not one but two buildings !

The revival is on the good way I think ! 
I've almost finished 2 Old West Buildings from
 "Green Line" from this range. 
Honesty I'm not very satisfied with those buildings ... too much pain to build and paint them. 
I confess that I'm not a good model-builder but the notices are not "very easy" to  understand and a lot of parts are very breakable... 
For me the more I can say is "You build a part, you break another part" ...
And paint is a pain... 
so I'm not very satisfied with MY work but I'm sure that YOU could be !   
Nevertheless, they will take place in Tombstown. 
Next time, maybe, I will buy some Old West buildings from
They are good ones and perfect for my building skill !
Also, I've cut pieces on horses for getting some "naked horses" 
because I intend to build a corral, so I need horses ! 
Let's see the pictures !

And many thanks for all your comments on my last post ! 

09 janvier 2019

REVIVAL ... maybe ?

Hi old fellows ! 
I've just begun to work at my new Hobby-place ! 
No figures yet... just doing some changes on buildings for my old Western-Town ! 
I want to install a scenery of Tombstone in my new showcase...
and building a new one from "Green-Line Livery Stable"
(and I must say that I definitively hate to built ! Unfortunately, I've another to do .. )

Well .. some pictures ?
let's go ! 

to be continued...

27 janvier 2017


I think that I've not published since ... her... some years ago ? 
I didn't paint a lot ... I show you my first painted figures of 2017...but not the last ones !! 
(Maybe, they will be included in a special project, together with the Hat figures below)

1-From Hecker & Goros : "KSHG 232: German South West Africa
(Like always, totally  free with the colours and the historical accuracy )

 2- HAT 8269: "Ruga-Ruga":
 Just a part of the set, the non-fighting figures : I think they could fit well with the Hecker & Goros ones.

 sorry for the bad pictures.... I didn't use my usual way to take the photos...


09 février 2016

.....ORCS ARE BACK !!! (and me too like a Warrior !)

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen !
Yes I'm back ! 
Those bloody Caesar Orcs were on my painting-table since ... err.... some months ?
I've finished to paint them yesterday night.

The next ones will be the Dark Alliance "ORCS" (all of them) almost finished too !

.... and a little Bonus for this first post of the year : 

28 septembre 2015

PILGRIMS and PIONEERS - IMEX - PART II - Men and Animals

Hi !
I'm back ! After more than 4 months without painting and blogging, I've been able to finish to paint both IMEX sets.
Women were finished a long time ago and in fact, I didn't have a lot of work to do on those figures.

I'm happy to return in my Hobby Room and now, I would like to finish some other projects and also start some new ones...

To be continued!

25 mai 2015

"Pioneers and Pilgrims" IMEX 521 / IMEX 516 -Part I

I don't paint a lot but I paint !
I'm working on both sets of IMEX :
 "American Pioneers" (516) and
 "Pilgrims" (521)
I've just finished the women and some children .
Next part will be the animals and then the men...