22 novembre 2014

"Western Town" Buildings I, II and III

3/5 ! (the 2 others are waiting that I accept to finish them .. just gluing the parts ! )
They still don't have names or functions but they will have !
Manufacturer : Thomas Förstmann , available here : Kay FÜRMANN Miniatures
I've tried to take some pictures with figures for the scale ...

TF WST 002

TF WST 001

TF WST 015




14 novembre 2014

"(Dark) ALLIANCE" : DWARVES (set 2) #72008 -Painted Review

After the "Half-Orcs", the "Orcs", it's time to show the "DWARVES" !

I could painted them in Tartan dress  because of the Bagpiper !
so I could have named them "Scottish Dwarves" !

Pictures are better than a lot of blabla ... and I don't know what to say about this set!
just: it's a good set, with very dynamic figures.... I like them !

If you are interested, one picture to compare the Alliance Dwarves and the Caesar Dwarves:

and to finish this post and this first serie of the ALLIANCE Fantasy range, a picture of the Big Band which  is the specialist of  
"Orck&Troll Music"


(on the flag, you can read "We Play The Best Music Over the World" )

12 novembre 2014

"'(Dark) ALLIANCE" : ORCS (set 3) #72003 -Painted Review

I've finished to paint the "Orcs" set 3 of the Fantasy Range from Alliance.

It's the same style than the sets 1 et 2 (I didn't still paint them) with a surprising "female orc" !

For more details on this set, better to go to "Cheap Fantasy Minis"

I've just painted the figures at all !

coming soon : 
-Old West Buildings (3/5 finished, maybe 5/5 in the next days ...)
-BUM Whaling Boat (Roger Rangers)

09 novembre 2014

"'(Dark) ALLIANCE" : HALF-ORCS Infantry #72016 (set 2) -Painted Review -

I've painted one the new Fantasy sets from ALLIANCE :
the Half-Orcs Infantry (2)... I don't know why the "2" before the "1"... 

1- the whole "band" : 
the poses are not too bad but have a little bit too much almost similar poses and the sculpt is quite flat like says 1Mac -Mike (Orcs set 3 review : "Cheap Fantasy Figures" ).
No surprise about the inspiration...

With closer pictures :
The "static poses": the standard-bearer  and the musicians :

The Shooting Uruks: only 1 archer, not a lot ! maybe there will be other ones in the next sets ?

The Fighting Uruks : almost similar poses ...

and the whole set again in a more "lively" picture :

About the painting work : not great, but not bad for me (oups!) : not easy to find colours for almost dark characters ! I've tried to forget the greenish skin with a more grey one and I have added some touches of bronze and copper mixed with grey.

Like I've said before, I'm painting 2 other ALLIANCE sets  :
ORCS (set 3)  #72003  and Dwarves (set 2) #72008
They are 90% finished, so I will post them very soon.
A small "teaser" : 

I've seen that some new sets are at the retailers so I will have to go to the market !
I wish you a nice Sunday and a good week.

05 novembre 2014


I've missed "Orctober" ... is it too late to post some pictures of those nice guys ?? 

so I've finished in "ORCTOBER" those MITHRIL figures :

I've tried to have a "not-too-green" skin-colour ... but it's not easy !
I've done a soft-brushing with light grey for the final highlighting:
What do you think about the result ?

1- M101 "Orcs Serfs" (Misty Mountains) :

2- M335 : "Snagas" : (orcs from Cirith Ungol  ) :
I've not put the shields... I was thinking that it was not necessary !
Your opinion ?

....and coming soon :
Dwarves for Dwarvember ! (maybe in  December ... !)

01 novembre 2014


I've finished to paint some "beauties" which could take place in my Western Town.
1- a set from "RF-Figures" (HAGEN : link  )

2- a set of "Confederate ladies" ... but I can't find the manufacturer (just that they come from Hagen again... )

Coming soon : .... Mounties, Orcs, Western Buildings, Pirates Ship ... 

28 octobre 2014

"Caribbean Flamenco" (Pirate from Germania Figuren).... and UPDATES !

Hi! this is a single figure that I've painted with the other of the sets "Pirates of the Caribbean " (=>here).
I've used it for a little work for the 40th Competition on Benno's Forum .
I've won the Bronze Brush ! Very surprising for me because the level was high...
Thanks to all those who have voted for me and congrats to all the participants, especially for Konrad ( Golden Brush ) who beat me easily in the first turn !

... and now UPDATES !
1- refer to my post "   I'm crazyyyyyyyyyy !?? That's ok ! I'm not mad and it seems that it's normal to have a lot of projects at the same time ! Thanks for your support gents ! 
Since, I've finished some and now I've a lot of posts to do .... for example:
-"Beauties of the West"
-"Walling boat"
-"Mithril Orcs"
-some more "mounties"
-and the finished buildings of my future "Wild West Town"
So stay tuned !
(Of course, I've started new projects but it will be a surprise !)

2-Refer  to my post  "Tombstone",  I've done some searches about the story of the Earps, Doc Holliday and the clans Clanton et McLaury all represented in the 3 sets. 
If all those characters have really existed, the story of the gunfight of Ok Corral has inspired a lot of films like "My darling Clementine (John Ford 1946) , "Gunfight at OK Corral" (John Sturges 1957),
Cheyenne Autumn (John Ford 1964), ....., "Tombstone" (Georges Pan Cosmatos 1993) , Whyatt Earp (Laurance Kasdan 1994)... 

The poster of the film "Tombstone" and my pictures (I've painted the figures without it but with the pictures of Germania Figuren ) :

no comment ...