02 octobre 2014

Monk of the Month (September) !!!

I've forgotten to post my monthly Monk !

This one is a STRELETS one from "Crusader Transport 2" (PSR link)

That's all folks !!

20 septembre 2014

Pirates Islands : a new Ship !!

I've done a little conversion of a plastic Toy-ship , that I've got with a big Ship (repainted yet, but I must "shot" him again to have decent pictures !)

This time, I've done a step-by-step....

not the original boat... that's after the texturing ...

I've done some texture at the plastic

not perfect, I know..

primed and washed ...

not perfect too..

I've added a mast and a rudder

all the wood is just washed (brown wash) and added a sail

other view ..


for the scale (Germania-Figuren Pirates)

Pirates Orion

31 août 2014

MONK of the MONTH ! (August)

After some time without this little challenge, the Monk of the Month is coming back !

In fact, I've just finished it this month: I've had begun to paint it some time ago.

Monk from STRELETS "Crusader Transport 1" (PSR link )and the donkey/mule from Hat "El Cid Moorish Command" (PSR link )

26 août 2014


It's almost the first figure that I've painted (and finished!) in my new house.
I've bought it in a small shop in my town but the seller didn't know exactly which is the manufacturer.
So if you have an idea.... thanks !

25 août 2014

MINI-ART : Est European Farmyard and House (2 boxes)

Some months ago, I've painted those houses:

They are not over the top, but why not ?? 
Like the Zvezda set, there is a lot of parts to cut (in hard plastic, it's very difficult !) and assemble.
A lot of things that I don't like ! So not a great pleasure to do that ... but they are done, and maybe shall be used in future projects ...


13 août 2014

TLNW NEWS : Season II Making-of Exclusive pictures !

The Lost New World Season II is coming very soon ! 

When we were informed by Rose Tailleleur, the nice assistant of Samuel Lessage that he wanted to show us the setting of the backgrounds in the new Studio where will be filmed the 1rst Episode of the Season II, we were speechless !
Here are the pictures , they don't need any comments: it's just an awesome and great show !

Lorsque nous avons été informés par Rose Tailleleur, l' agréable assistante de Samuel Lessage, qu'il souhaitait nous montrer la création des décors dans le nouveau studio où sera filmé le 1er épisode de la Saison II, nous étions sans voix!
Voici les photos, elles n'ont pas besoin de commentaires: c'est juste un spectacle impressionnant et génial!

 from left to right : Samuel 'The Doctor' Lessage, André Saquet, Miss Eva Darkshade, Jean Gablin (Jacques Ciel), and the lovely Rose Tailleleur !