07 octobre 2012

Euromodel's PART III

I finish the serie of pictures of the event.
The next Euromodel's edition will be in 2014, so I've time to be ready maybe for an exposition?
I hope so! (if I paint so slow as actually, it will be difficult but ......)


 and for the end, an incredible historical work in 1/200 !


How he create the figures:

9 commentaires:

  1. Lovely work all around! Those historical dios are incredible, but I like the sailing ship the most. And those very cute camels. I want one.

  2. Vraiment magnifique, pas à dire!

  3. oh, Le Forum de Rome looks amazingly exciting! What joy!

  4. I'm loving this tour, Sam! Thanks for the ride.

  5. very beautiful Sam! Thanks for sharing these posts!

  6. Very nice pictures! The best for me is the hanging gardens of Babylon. You as an exhibitor at the next exhibition? But of course in my opinion! And if I can find the time I'm one of your visitors.

    1. Bruno: I accepted to expose if you come and expose too!
      (and I'm sure that I will find some more guys to join us!

  7. Thanks all!
    It's always difficult to share the pleasure!
    Andrew: I don't think that the modeller will be happy if I had picked up one came!!

    Now it's time to come back in my own "production"!
    (not a lot, actually I'm a little bit lazy and busy and tired...)