02 mai 2014

About PLASTIC FIGURES ... just to show them and maybe help !

For me it's an usual subject, because it's more the job of Specialists/Collectors like my friend Hugh "Mavering Collecting") from the "Small Scale World" but I've a lot of plastic figures found in a charity shop.
I've tried to sort them by sizes, subjects, colours, etc...
If you have a comment and/or an idea about them, I will be happy to read you !

1-Elephants :
 3-Sea animals:
 4-Wild Life 1 !
 5-Wild Life 2 !
 6-Black Panther ....
identified because the name is on the figure but don't remember !
 7-roe deer (2 similar ones )
 8-Pigs and piggies !
 9-Dinosaurs ...
 10-Bears again (the same than in picture 2)
 11-African animals and Hunters
 12-Farm Life
13-Cowboys and Indians (more or less 50mm)
 14-mixed soldiers ...
 15-Identified ballerina (MOKAREX)

 16-African Natives (large scale)
 17-......... firemen !
 19-not rare figures... 1/72 (?)
 20- soldiers large scale
 21-Soldiers A 1/72 (airfix? copies ?)
 23- Soldiers 1/72 (????)
 24-Soldiers 1/72 (oval  base: I suppose they are "Hong Kong" productions ?)
 25- Soldiers (same as above)
 26-Various 1/72 (copies ?)
 27-large scale
 28-Large scale

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  1. Your game table runneth over! Lots of scenarios waiting to be designed around these figures, Sam.

    1. I know but I don't think that I will use them ....

  2. pic 24 and 25 are Atlantic figs. pic 21 looks like they could be original Esci, although airfix re-released them. hope it helps

  3. What a wonderful find! Elephants, bears, ballerina's, farm animals, dinosaurs-you hit the jackpot!

    1. they were very easy to pick up : just a look in boxes full of spare toys !!
      maybe an hour of "work" !

  4. OK...

    Pic 1 - Top left is the Britains sculp will be marked if it is otherwise all three like it are copies. Yje one at the bottom might be early French, otherwise probably all Hong Kong?

    Pics 2/10 - The brown ones both look vintage US or German brands? The rearing Polar is a copy of Timpo and the one with the remains of the black paint possibly HK for Corgi circus? Rest probably HK/China

    Pic 3 - Don't know, mid-90's China-Toobes?

    Pics 4/5/7 - The two brown ones with bases are Manurba or Jean (marked W.GERMANY?), the rest are 70/80's HK, unless marked 'Prior' in which case they are French premiums (yoghurt?). Green one on the plinth looks interesting...cereal premium?

    Six you know!

    Pics 8/9 - couldn't tell you, if the painted pig top row (red mouth) is hard plastic he's probably Starlux?

    Pic 11 - mixture of premiums, Hong Kong copies and US makes - I think the figures are recent HK/China toob stuff? Again - if the running ostrich is hard plastic it'll be early French...Starlux?

    Pic 12 - The three smaller figures and the scarecrows - New Ray?, the other girl looks to be an Elastolin copy, other guy don't know. Cow top left looks early as does the one below it, but if not marked Britains will be a pirate. The fist one though - if hard plastic...etc! The rest probably HK or German (the coloured ones with bases), The tatty old grey horse also looks early and I like the yellow pig but don't know who made him...premium?

    Pic 13 - French on the left (late Hougonet or Cofalux?), Hong Kong on the right with a Waddington's horse top right.

    Pic 14 - The paratrooper is very interesting, has some age and value, broken Indians all Starlux, the three top left look nice, early French (metallic blue sailor is French pirate of Starlux), yellow one is Cherilea and the little blue chap is Pressman.

    Pic 16 - modernish, the yellow one is European, that's all I know, the others recent HK/China.

    Pics 17/18 - Modern HK/China, the spacemen are mostly Hing Fat.

    Pics 19/20 - HK, sadly not Giant!

    Pics 21/23 - Esci; British Infantry, Brithish Paras and Viet Cong with a few HK US etc...(is the missing 22 the knights picture you sent me? ID'd on my blog!)

    Pics 24/25 - Atlantic Fusiliers and Sendai Japanese

    Pic 26 - Revell Japanese MG gunner, Airfix Afrika Korpsman stabbing, nice fireman...Majorette? Rest HK

    Pics 27/28 - All Hong Kong except the pale grey one; he's a - probably Cofalux - copy of Starlux.

    All a guess at this range!!!


    1. Thanks Hugh !
      Pic 1 : must look at the elephant ...
      Pic 2/10 : well nothing to add ..
      P8: pig: must see iit's hard plastic
      I can't really add something about them because I've not the figures with me !
      I will try to have more infos !

      (you know that if you're interested with some figures, they are for you ! )

      The paratrooper seems to be very old and he's in light metal (aluminium ?): do you like paratroopers ?

      If I've understood Cofalux are soft plastic copies of Starlux ?

      ........And I've forgot to post the picture(s) of the knights !!
      (+ some cyclists !)
      I will add them in my next post !

  5. What an amazing haul, of course the dinosaurs are my favourite! :)

    1. Thanks Michael !
      the dinosaurs ??... my son didn't want them because they are not scientifically accurate !
      (except the dimetrodon, the others are odd dinosaurs !)

  6. Interesting and wonderful collection of plastic figures. What a hual.


  7. Interesting collection Pascal! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!


  8. Hi Sam,
    I would like to see your painting of this beautiful bronze ballerina. Do you intend to paint it? I think it will look beautiful!!!

    I enjoy looking at your art work, your paintings and staging, it reminds me when I played with my cousins when I was little but... of course they would not let me participate e here I can participate e even speak to the creator of all this wonderfull show of Sam Wise <3

    PS: I did not cut intentionally cut my hair, I took a strong medication and it fell =(... But it is all right because my hair has grown a bit and I like the new look, do you? Good thing my hair grows very fast =) Nanda brasileirinha.

    1. Hi Nanda ! Many thanks for this long comment !
      I've not planned to paint the ballerina (not my scale, collector-figure, etc.....) but if you like her.... she's for you ! (unpainted).
      I just have to find it in the boxes ...

      Difficult for a girl to play at the same games than the boys, I suppose ... now, it's easier. My son used to play with "Playmobil" with his better "girl-friend" .

      Sorry for your hair... (and the reason why they are cut) .
      Will you let them grow again to have long hair? ).
      Many Thanks for the compliments: you're always welcome here!