28 octobre 2014

"Caribbean Flamenco" (Pirate from Germania Figuren).... and UPDATES !

Hi! this is a single figure that I've painted with the other of the sets "Pirates of the Caribbean " (=>here).
I've used it for a little work for the 40th Competition on Benno's Forum .
I've won the Bronze Brush ! Very surprising for me because the level was high...
Thanks to all those who have voted for me and congrats to all the participants, especially for Konrad ( Golden Brush ) who beat me easily in the first turn !

... and now UPDATES !
1- refer to my post "   I'm crazyyyyyyyyyy !?? That's ok ! I'm not mad and it seems that it's normal to have a lot of projects at the same time ! Thanks for your support gents ! 
Since, I've finished some and now I've a lot of posts to do .... for example:
-"Beauties of the West"
-"Walling boat"
-"Mithril Orcs"
-some more "mounties"
-and the finished buildings of my future "Wild West Town"
So stay tuned !
(Of course, I've started new projects but it will be a surprise !)

2-Refer  to my post  "Tombstone",  I've done some searches about the story of the Earps, Doc Holliday and the clans Clanton et McLaury all represented in the 3 sets. 
If all those characters have really existed, the story of the gunfight of Ok Corral has inspired a lot of films like "My darling Clementine (John Ford 1946) , "Gunfight at OK Corral" (John Sturges 1957),
Cheyenne Autumn (John Ford 1964), ....., "Tombstone" (Georges Pan Cosmatos 1993) , Whyatt Earp (Laurance Kasdan 1994)... 

The poster of the film "Tombstone" and my pictures (I've painted the figures without it but with the pictures of Germania Figuren ) :

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9 commentaires:

  1. Excellent and well done on the medal Sam.

  2. Bravo pour ce super boulot, et pour la récompense...on en redemande!

  3. Tu méritais tout à fait une récompense pour ce flamenco-pirate.
    Pour Tombstone, j'ajouterai pour l'anecdote qu'un épisode de Star Trek s'y déroule ^^

  4. Hola
    Lo primero ,felicidades por ese premio,bien echo
    El pirata mola un montón
    Muchos proyectos abra que estar atento

  5. Great pose and dance step!!! Oh...and the painting is terrific!

  6. Excellent work Pascal! Well deserved bronze brush!


  7. Great work.Always in my mind a work about pirates..........

  8. great moves on that first figurine :)