11 décembre 2014

(LIGHT) ALLIANCE FANTASY : "Dwarves" set 1 completed

In 2013, I've painted 2 figures of this set and like I've recently painted the Set 2 (here), I was thinking that it was a good thing to complete the set 1!
This nice set of 11 poses is quite pleasant to paint and  fit perfectly with the set 2, except that the sculpt is a little bit less precise.

 The whole set :

Back of the 9 new dwarves: 

Closer pictures !

Left : Set 1 - Right : set 2

9 commentaires:

  1. Excellent work. I'm just waiting for set 2 to be delivered, so it's nice to see some painted.

  2. Da kann ich mich nur noch anschließen Ausgezeichnete Arbeit.

  3. Joli travail et des free hands particulièrement réussis !
    Bravo Pascal.

  4. Great painted dwarves Pascal! They would fit well in a LOTR or Hobbit scennario!


  5. Hi dear Sam,
    It was pretty cool the first game also painted, 11 little men, all angry, ready to point their guns at us. They do not know that we can put all of them in the pocket of our pocket.
    All are great!
    k-ss-s, Nanda =)

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