27 août 2019

W.I.P. : 50 figures to paint... 2 finished ...

I don't post a lot ...  I don't paint a lot ... but I paint !

For my next project (a secret one ... ), I've about 50 figures ( + 20 old ones painted a long time ago !)

Here are the first 2 ! (the 3rd behind is just "almost" finished ) ... the other ones are more  or less begun. I've also 2 figures for the Old West Town....

So many to do ... and so slow ...

Figures from

Strelets 027 Russian Cossack Infantry and Sailors (musician) 
and I don't remember from which Strelets Set are the dancers !! Could you help me please ? 
....  Not a Strelets set ! it's the good set : 
Orion set 72013 Ukrainian Foot Cossacks and Artillery
(many thanks to  Fire at Wile )

More to come in the next ... er... weeks ? .........

10 commentaires:

  1. The dancers are from Orion set 72013 Ukrainian Foot Cossacks and Artillery

    1. Oh my God ! Yes !!! Orion !
      Many thanks ! I will update my post !

  2. Réponses
    1. Thanks Jan ... not my better job, but I try to do the best

  3. Oh, ça sent le joli projet ça. C'est très prometteur. Prends ton temps, on reste là ;)

  4. Two down are better than none. Keep at it they look great.

  5. I really like those..nice Colours and painting. I´m also not painting a lot of bods These days. The ship..ok, it took some time but this year I´ve painted About a 10th of the average total for the last 10 years. I look at them on the Workspace and think "tomorrow Maybe"

  6. Belle série sur l'établi... j'ai reconnu un joueur de tam-tam africain de la vénérable série Tarzan d'Airfix. C'est rigolo, j'en ai peint un il n'y a pas longtemps.