24 mars 2020

Hobbits Fighters #4 W.I.P.

I think that I've done the last conversions for the moment.
I would like to do some more but I've no new idea !
And, of course, I must paint them before doing something new.

Some years ago, I wanted to paint all the Mithril's Hobbits I had.
Maybe I will try to do that now ?
Not impossible, and a great challenge.

Of course, do like me :
Stay at home and be careful with you, your family and your friends. 

So I've those 3 little fellows to paint now ... 

3 commentaires:

  1. Great conversions Pascal! Can't wait to see them painted.


    1. Thanks Peter ! I've begun .. I think that they will be ready very soon for the battle ..

  2. i am loving seeing your figure conversions,
    Well done Sam Wise. What a wonder you are.BB