03 juin 2020

MITHRIL 32mm : M160 ~ Dwarven Alchemist ~ LoTR

Hi !
I've finished some days ago  6 Mithril figures :
Sylvan Elves : M70 and M71
Rangers of Ithilien : M378 and M379
Dwarves : here : M111 Dwarvish Scout 

I continue with M160, a Dwarven Alchemist .
What to say about ? ...
it's an alchemist and it's also a dwarf ...
That's all !

Pictures !

both dwarves together  ...
Once upon a time, somewhere in The Iron Hills,  a Dwarvish Scout who meets an Alchemist.
And this alchemist was also a dwarf ...

*** to be continue ...***

5 commentaires:

  1. You are really getting through these, another wonderful addition Sam.

  2. Nice mini, once again. The 'orange/blue' combination is very efficient (aesthetically speaking). Not easy to paint faces on Mithril minis !!

    1. Thanks Philotep ! I've used the same orange/blue sheme for both dwarves !! (front/back ).
      I like them, it sems that I've used those colours for many figures...
      Faces are never easy to paint,I must work on that.

  3. Un alchimiste ? N'importe quoi ! Pauvre JRTT.
    Un maître des forges aurait été une appellation bien meilleure.
    Excellent travail de peinture sur ces deux nains cela dit :-)