31 octobre 2011

Sam's Minis Blog ???

Why this blog?
Well... some friends suggested to me to create a blog!
They are crazy... and I suppose I am too!

So I do it just for talking about what I like!
And what I mostly like (apart my family!) is  
painting figures ("minis") 
 but not only, so you could sometimes read (and see) something different ....

Pourquoi ce blog?
bon..... des amis (surtout un !) m'ont suggéré de créer un blog!
Il est fou ... et je suppose que je le suis tout autant!

Aussi je l'ai fait pour parler  de ce que j'aime!
Et ce que j'aime le plus (à part ma famille!)est de 
Peindre des figurines ("minis")
mais pas seulement, 
aussi  vous pourrez de temps en temps lire et voir d'autres sujets qui m'intéressent....

For waiting one picture of what I'd painted recently:

En attendant, une première photo de ce que j'ai  peint récemment:

.....and one of my hobby room là où je travaille! 
et bienvenue à Peter de 
Peter's Cave 
le premier et le meilleur!

9 commentaires:

  1. You call Paul crazy? He isn't! Just a good friend!

    Nice start and welcome to the bloggers world! Now join the other blogs ;-) Make a favorite blog list and so on!

    Thanks for the welcome!


  2. Bienvenue au monde de blogging mon ami :-D
    If you need any help with this mad world then ask
    Great start :-D

  3. Thanks my friends! hey, I don't say that Paul is crazy! he'd just given to me a crazy idea!!

  4. Have fun blogging, but dont forget the forum ;-)
    I see you are in good hand by Dumb and Dumber, whahahaha
    Nice to see you here as well!

  5. Nice little blog Sam !
    & nice place to do your minis !
    See U soon here or at bennos !

    Joli pti blog Sam !
    Et sympa le pti coin peinture !
    A bientôt ici même ou sur Bennos !


  6. Hey - why didn't I notice you're blogging?
    You didn't tell me! :-D

  7. ... welcome Chris !
    ... and Sascha! ('s a very young blog, I didn't make many advertising!!!)
    and many thanks for your comments!

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  9. post locked: trolls are here!
    I'm sorry...