26 novembre 2011

STRELETS "Norman Army on the March" (2)

english:, it's time to show the whole set! 
it's an "ancient" work ( August 2011!) but it had given  me a lot of fun!
STRELETS figures are not so easy to paint, but the result is always better than we can expect with the unpainted ones!
Hope you will have so much pleasure to see the final result as I had to paint this set!
(all the shields are hand-painted.... be indulgent !)

maintenant, il est temps de montrer l'ensemble! 
c'est un «ancien» travail (août 2011!) mais il m'a donné beaucoup de plaisir!
Les figurines Strelets ne sont pas si faciles à peindre
qu'on pense mais le résultat est toujours mieux que ce qu'on peux espérer !
J'espère que vous aurez autant de plaisir à voir le résultat final que j'ai eu à peindre ce set!
( tous les boucliers sont peints à la main .... soyez indulgents!)

Welcome to Atreides (The Duke from "Dune" ?) who has very nice blog (Portuguese , but painted figs in universal language!)  :   Marechal a 1:72

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice photos..and the set up is great. looking at them I´ve just had an idea for another conversion!! :-D

  2. That's right, Atreides from Dune! :)
    Thanks for looking at my figures. I'll try to write more in English (it's the only one I know besides Portuguese...)

    Love the result on these figures. It changed my opinion on Strelets!

  3. Thanks Atreides! Dune is THE best sci-fi book on the world!... yes, STRELETS are not so bad! the original poses are really nice to paint! I think that you had also see the Paul's Bods ones: he do great works with them!

  4. Yes, I'm keeping my eyes on Paul's work!! :D
    Getting so many ideas from a few blogs, and learning a lot!