28 septembre 2013

Bloody Troll !!!

I'm sorry but I must delete a second time my post "Dalec and Cydernam" (I've changed the names to be be sure that the words can't be tracked )
The Bot- Troll is always here and my statistics are crazy !
I'm not completely a stats-fan but it's always interesting to see what subjects seem to be more or less seen.
I will be very fast to 60 000 pages views, but it's artificial and not true !
The post has reached more than 1500 views, about 4 or 5 x the number of the other articles !!

I was plenty sure that the 60K could be reached for the 2nd anniversary of my blog ( or even at the 55th of Sam !) and it was quite fun !

Really sorry for the disagreement!
I will post again pictures of the Aliens (and maybe some others...) and the angels in other posts about the famous BBC serie.

Many thanks to you!


7 commentaires:

  1. Not a problem Sam, there's a lot of it going about!

  2. Snick nabbits!! I feel your digital pain, Padawan.

  3. Don't worry, I think that's a common problem of several blogs in the blogosphere.


  4. Thanks my friends !!
    it seems that the attack was against Dalecs and their enemies !!
    The stats are better today (only 90: that's a common number for Sam's Minis World) but it's not very pleasant to delete one post with all the comments....

  5. Bloody trolls... Down with the Trolls!

  6. Bloody trolls... Down with the Trolls!

    1. Yes !! and remember that Hobbits don't like Trolls and such horrible creatures !!

      This one is killed but I had to sacrifice one post with all the comments !!