21 septembre 2013

DOCTOR WHO : Rose Tyler and the TARDIS !

After the 10th Doctor , its time to show his first nice fellow in the new series produced by the BBC since 2005.
I don't want to tell you the story of Rose, because it's too long and because I don't want to publish "spoilers" ! (and you are all able to find on the web more infos that I could give you here!)

This figure, called "Daisy Taylor" is from  Crooked Dice

I've paint also the TARDIS from  Ainsty Casting
Before painting it, I've just made a "wood effect" with small cuts with a cutter.
(I've not placed the signs on it.... because I don't which technical I could use ! )

and a "family picture" to close this post:

I've missed in the precedent posts about the Doctor to mention some (better!) works :

Ray  ( "Don't Throw a 1" ) : Daleks

Ferret ( "Laughing Ferret" ) : Daleks, Doctors, etc.....

Paul ( "Paul's Bods" ) and also here and here :  Daleks and more

I wanted also talk about my "problems" with bots/spam and worth that I have on my blog... but, all what I've read about that don't give me solutions so, I think that I will just mention some Bad Orcs that you could encounter , many of them seem to increase completely the Statistics which has grown artificially !
I've detected also one blog ("Mini-Fig") on my blog-roll which is completely invaded by a bot (HP printer I think), I've deleted it but I don't know if it has any impact on my stats!

Another thing:it seems that only one post is really attacked. I think that I will try to delete (and save) it and then publish it again a few days later. Sorry for the comments, but they will disappear ...

See you soon .... with some news !

22 commentaires:

  1. Nice work, Sam. The wood grain on the TArdis is neat.

    When I deleted a post being used by some one else, the next day I couldn't use my PC except for email. Beware the snick dabbit digital Ogres!!

    1. Thanks Master J for the compliment and the wise advice !
      I will be prudent, I promise!

  2. Réponses
    1. Thanks Vincent !
      (ici tu peux commenter en français, même si j'ai eu la flemme de traduire le post!)

  3. Nice! Funny, I´ve been following the Dr Who series since nearly the very beggining, it´s changed for sure, the new series don´t have the charm or "darkness" that it used to, it´s become a bit too shiny IMHO , (there´s one series i remember but cannot find anywhere which was very strange..Alien souls trapped as slaves in a mine) but one Thing hasn´t changed..the Tardis !!:-D

    1. I've never seen the ancient series... I will try on youtube.
      Only the interior of the Tardis has changed.. errrr.. I mean "evolved" !

      I think that TORCHWOOD is darker than the Doctor!
      really! try it !

  4. Hola Amigo
    GUAUUUUUUU que chulada de figuras te as currado,me gustan
    Las minis del doctor me encantan,pero por donde yo vivo no las puedo conseguir.tengo que esperarme al prosimo concurso para pillarme alguna.

    1. Gracias José !
      ¡Viva el doctor!
      (es muy difícil para mí entender lo que escribes, el traductor no funciona con un montón de palabras que utiliza, lo siento!)

  5. Voilà un magnifique socle fleuri comme j'aimerai savoir en faire !
    Et une peinture non moins réussie. Bravo !
    Pour les panneaux/publicités, si c'est du papier, je colle simplement à la pvc dessus/dessous et ça marche bien...

    1. Merci Stéphane!

      1- ah! le soclage !! on a pas fini d'en parler !!
      2- lu l'autre commentaire :
      comment tu fais pour couper le métal (la petite barre qui dépasse en bas!)
      Comment tu fais pour tiger ?? perçage au Dremel ??

      Je suis fatigué tout d'un coup ....
      bonne nuit....

    2. Pour couper la barre : d'abord une petite pince coupante et je finis de nettoyer avec un gros cutter. Le seul danger est le risque de tordre les jambes de la fig, il faut donc bien faire attention à ton point d'appui.
      Pour tiger : une petite perceuse à main (ça coûte 3 fois rien en magasin de modélisme), un bout de trombone et l'affaire est jouée !

    3. Merci pour le tuto !
      J'essaierai la prochaine fois dès que j'aurai acheté ce qu'il faut ! (je veux parler des trombones cela va de soi !)

  6. That was a perfect choice for Rose. She's my husbands favourite.

    You did an excellent job on her Sam Wise. The basing is wonderful as well.

    1. Thanks Anne!

      Before I paint her, I was sure of the coulours that I will use because I had this picture in my mind !

      Simple basing but I wanted that she had flowers around her!

  7. Wonderful work Sam, I painted the same figures for a friend.

    1. Thanks Francis!
      Did you have showned yours in your blog ?

  8. You painted her lovely Pascal! Really nice figure!


  9. Réponses
    1. Merci Phil !
      je vais aller faire un tour chez toi: j'ai du retard dans mes visites!)