28 février 2014

MONK(s) OF THE MONTH (I) : Valdemar + additions to my last post!

I've decided to post at the end of each month, one or several monks from different sets .
(and don't ask me why : I don't know !)

For the 1rst post of the serie, I've chosen one Valdemar's monk from this set :
"Pilgrims (set II)"
..... more to see in the future !

J'ai décidé de peindre et publier chaque mois un ou plusieurs Moines/Religieux de différentes marques.
Ce mois-ci, j'ai choisi le moine du set Valdemar : "Pilgrims II" (Pélerins).
D'autres suivront !

and I want to add something about my precedent post ( here )
1-Another ship like mine has been painted and showed in Uncle Brian "A fist full of Plastic"
 and he will post some other ships very soon !
2-Like some of didn't notice (sic), the rowers in the boat are not in the good position !
They must row sitting in the other direction !
What could I say more about those pirates ? 
They are rowing towards a Ghost Ship (Jay's idea !), without weapons and oars but with a lot of courage !! 

Je voudrais aussi en profiter pour apporter quelques précisions à propos de mon article précédent ( ici ):
1-Uncle Brian ( "A fist full of Plastic" ) a posté un bateau identique au mien il y a quelque temps et d'autres sont en préparation ! 
2-Comme vous l'aurez sans doute noté (sic), les rameurs ne sont pas assis dans la bonne direction !
Ils devraient ramer dos au sens de navigation !
Que dire de plus à leur propos ?
Ils rament vers un vaisseau fantôme, sans armes et sans rames, mais avec beaucoup de courage !

31 commentaires:

  1. Font froid dans le dos ces rameurs fantômes! Joli boulot sur le moine, et belle pose...

    1. Merci Phil !
      ya que les rameurs qui sont pas fantômes !!

  2. Réponses
    1. ... please wait for the end of March for the next Monkth !!

    2. and I'm searching for names for the boats, what do you think of "The Blue Jay" or "The Sea Jay" ?

    3. NO! I almost get seasick watching a boat rocking back and forth in the water. I am a land-lubber! And I also don't go up in airplanes anymore!!

      May I suggest a name that relates to a character in the story. Or a great battle that it survived. Or where the ship was built. etc.

      Thanks for the kind thought, Pada, Sam.

  3. excellent ce moine Sam .
    Salutations .

  4. Magnifique pose ce moine. Une conversion ?

    1. Merci Stéphane !
      pas de conversion: pose originale, c'est du haut de gamme comme figurines !

    2. .... à moins qu'il se soit converti lui-même ?
      ou par miracle ?

  5. Excellent painted monk Pascal!


  6. Love the monk, but the boat is nice as well

  7. Hola Amigo
    Magnifico trabajo
    un saludo

  8. En effet c'est du beau travail.

    Bon, je vais essayer de voir si je peux trouver assez de refs de moines pour te suivre. Sinon...

    1. Merci Sébastien !
      en fait, je n'y avais pas pensé avant, mais l'idée d'un challenge facile et facultatif "Monk(s) of the Month" (ou bien simplement "Monkth Challenge" !) me semble sympa ....
      je vais étudier ça de plus près ....
      Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'aime bien les moines ....
      (Cadfael, "Au nom de la Rose" etc.... )

  9. Perhaps like me you don`t know Why? because you`ve forgot. However great little chap you have painted Sam.I hope you don`t have hundreds of Monk`s to paint,because this is not being a Wise Sam!

    1. thanks Paul !
      I've not forgotten .. it's just because it's not easy to find the good words !
      Hundreds of monks ?? no ! just one hundred !

  10. Well talking in this odd such a way for a Bright eyed FiddleWood Gnome,while I was signing in to google,I forgot to place my own name.Which is ???????????Thinking????????????? Thinking! Oh! Yes! It`s Beano Boy! Have fun Sam,I do.

  11. Very nice! I saw a review of that Valdemar-set once where they put the monk with the dog, as if his pose was because he was afraid of the dog. I think he just is out on a hot and sunny day and sweating. :-) And the pirates are pirates. They are famous for doing wrong. :-D But rowing backwards seems a little odd, just as you say. But I have done it. :-D Easier than to turn the boat around, that time. :-D

    1. Thanks Gunnar !
      I agree with you about the monk, he's not afraid but thirsty !
      and for the Pirates... well... they are only pirates !

  12. l think the Pirates should be towed
    along by a team of splendidly looked after Turtles! BB

    1. maybe Paul, maybe ! who knows what could happen in Pirates Islands ? I hope that I will be able to tell you the Great Story which is a part of the Great Great Story !

  13. I like the monk Sam...he would look good in front of my church

    1. Thanks Richard !
      and your church will be good for this poor thirsty monk !