09 novembre 2014

"'(Dark) ALLIANCE" : HALF-ORCS Infantry #72016 (set 2) -Painted Review -

I've painted one the new Fantasy sets from ALLIANCE :
the Half-Orcs Infantry (2)... I don't know why the "2" before the "1"... 

1- the whole "band" : 
the poses are not too bad but have a little bit too much almost similar poses and the sculpt is quite flat like says 1Mac -Mike (Orcs set 3 review : "Cheap Fantasy Figures" ).
No surprise about the inspiration...

With closer pictures :
The "static poses": the standard-bearer  and the musicians :

The Shooting Uruks: only 1 archer, not a lot ! maybe there will be other ones in the next sets ?

The Fighting Uruks : almost similar poses ...

and the whole set again in a more "lively" picture :

About the painting work : not great, but not bad for me (oups!) : not easy to find colours for almost dark characters ! I've tried to forget the greenish skin with a more grey one and I have added some touches of bronze and copper mixed with grey.

Like I've said before, I'm painting 2 other ALLIANCE sets  :
ORCS (set 3)  #72003  and Dwarves (set 2) #72008
They are 90% finished, so I will post them very soon.
A small "teaser" : 

I've seen that some new sets are at the retailers so I will have to go to the market !
I wish you a nice Sunday and a good week.

13 commentaires:

  1. Excellent painting. I'm looking forward to getting the new sets next week. I really like the dwarf king.

  2. Nice to see a bagpipe playing dwarf!

  3. Predominantly gray color was cool
    Should be fun to paint and give life to these little warriors.

    Ótimo domingo para você também Sam =)

  4. them evil Orcs! Send Elves to beat them down :)

  5. Foul and contemptuous beings, but beautifully painted Sam.

  6. These look great!

    I like the dwarf sculpts, especially the bagpiper and the dwarf king. Are they really tall like Alliance's first set of dwarves?

    1. The bagpiper is a surprising figure ! I've thought to paint the other with tartan !
      the king looks like ... a king !
      Same size than the the first set !

  7. Je trouve la sculpture de ces Uruks particulièrement réussie (mais pourquoi diable half-orcs?). Certes, les poses ne sont pas très variées, mais elles sont réussies.
    Evidemment, ta peinture met tout cela en valeur, il devient presque inutile de l'ajouter...
    On attend la suite !

    1. Merci Stéphane ! pas facile à peindre ces f***** Uruk Hai ! un peu sombres, les gars ! Tu as vu, cette fois, j'ai réussi à ne pas les peindre en vert !
      "Half-Orcs" parce que problème de copyright ! ils sont déjà limite avec ce qu'ils proposent.. étonnant que les Wargs soient passés, d'ailleurs! Mais, bon en Ukraine, ils sont peut-être plus souples ?
      La suite: pas de surprise réelle, non ? plus qu'à me me procurer les nouveaux sets et c'est bon !

    2. Oui, j'ai vu que tu as réussi à virer le vert ;)

  8. I like this one very much. Maybe some day I purchase them to. The idea of grey is very good. Green skin with dirt/dust on it!
    Also looking forward to the reviews of the sets you are painting. Then I will decide if I put them on my wishlist or not!


  9. Sympas tes copains, pis y z'ont l'air de mettre de l'ambiance, bonne musique en perspective...joli boulot!