24 avril 2012

OLD W.I.N-P. !!! "WAGON TRAIN" (AIRFIX) and more...

Another "old work in no-progress" !!
I've begun to realize a dio one year ago (AVRIL 2010) but I've never had enough courage to finish it... even if a second almost finished part is on a corner of my painting table!
Honestly, painting AIRFIX figures is not very fun, but the wagon was more pleasant to do!
I've added some accessories on its sides and I've glued some paper on the roof canvas for the texture.

Un autre "ancien travail en non-progrès"!
J'ai commencé à réaliser un dio il y a un an (avril 2010), mais je n'ai jamais eu le couragede le finir ... même si une deuxième partie presque complète est en attente sur ​​un coin de ma table de peinture!
Honnêtement, peindre des figures AIRFIX n'est pas très amusant, mais le wagon était plus agréable à faire !
J'ai ajouté quelques accessoires sur les côtés et j'ai collé du papier  sur la toile de toit pour la texture.

 And more??
I've begun 2 buildings:
1-the "Gold Rush Saloon" from the Famous   Dr Willet's Workshop:
 (a little too big for 1/72 but it's a kind of work I've never did!)

2- a (not easy to do!) Paper-card model from the nice
Mauther of  the blog "Papermau" :

3-some figures almost finished.... but it's a secret yet!
(I hope that the surprise will be Great!)

14 commentaires:

  1. Nice project! The paper-canvas on the roof really gives the viewer a feeling of a canvas covered wagon.

  2. I think I understand why the figures were less enjoyable to paint. The craftsmanship on those is not as nice as it could be. But that covered wagon more than makes up for it.

  3. I agree airfix figs can suck the life out of you. I have a few figs to do but they don't have that sense of competion when done, more like... onto he next one I guess. metal is much more rewarding

    1. Airfix, along with the likes of strelets test your painting skills ;-D

    2. That's right... but painting STRELETS figs is more enjoyable than AIRFIX ones because the poses are better! °_°

  4. Airfix? How many memories come back?
    Good work!

  5. What ever happnend to the airfix wagon train? I keep waiting for you to finish it :-D
    Papermau...everytime I visit to look my PC crashes.


    1. I think that I'll finish it! (it's why I post that old work: giving me motivation!)
      Papermau= PC crash ????
      you have a strange PC , Paul!

  6. Nice looking figures, love the wagon.

  7. Hello Pascal. You've done a nice job on this old Airfix wagon and on the buildings too. On Mauther's blog are really great papercrafts. Keep on your good work!

    1. Thanks Bruno, but the pics of the buildings are not mine! it's just to show them! wait my own pictures of my own work!

  8. I also been waiting for that wagon train. Really like what you did with the officer from Airfix' ACW Artillery. Great work overall and really looking forward to see your buildings! Thumbsup as we say in another world. :-D

    1. well done Gowan! you have recognize the ACW officer!!!!!!!!!
      just swap the head (ATLANTIC) and add a riffle on her back + a revolver on the side!!!...

  9. Great Pascal, Really great! Very nice work on the wagon and the figures. I see that you also added a gun on the rider.