03 avril 2012

Teutonics Knights (ITALERI)

It's a "very old work"!!! 
I've painted this set in 2010 with the help of members (God bless them all!) in a Group Build on Benno's forum , and it's my really first work!
I saw the Teutonics painted by Bruno "Lonewolf's Welten" (HRB..: "Highly Recommended Blog") and I think it's time to have a small walk in the origins of my world!
(I add a link to the: GB Teutonics Gallery )

pictures are not very good, but I don't have time to do other ones!

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  1. Great job on the Knights, Sam. They are definitely off a mission.

  2. That's a great job! I'd believe they really move...and the sand is perfect!

  3. Wahooo... My dear friend Pascal, you have done a real great work on the figures, the horses and the display. I like the way you've made the smooth shadings of color on the figures and horses and the arrangement of the protagonists in the terrain. This scene tells a little story.

    Chapeau mon ami.

    Keep on painting.


  4. I remember looking at Bruno's as well. These are also some really nice figures. The helmets on these guys are splendid and the shading on the whites is so subtle yet it really makes the figure. I've noticed that Bruno and some of the other painters use oil on horses. Did you use oils on these Pascal?

    1. Thanks Anne!
      but Bruno is an artist, that's why he use Oil Paint, I'm only a "figs painter", so I use only acrylics !

  5. very nice my friend. keep up the good work. by the looks of it you are the only person to have finished the group build

    1. Thanks Gowan, but I'm not the only one!
      I add a link in the post to the Teutonics GB's Gallery !

  6. Hello, Sam,

    Very nice composition! Those medieval minis are very nice. Ah, about the Castle ruins, if you want the model, tell me your email and I send it to you. write to:

    Greetings from Brazil!


  7. I remember these. You did a great job on them. Also the groundwork is very good!