27 mars 2012

Horses conversions, Mithril, and more.....

I've posted here some trails of horses conversions :
I've partially painted them:

I'd tried to do better ones, and I think that the result is a little better
(sorry for the bad pictures: the black gives some gloss ...)

....and like I was curious to see some figures of LOTR Mithril (28mm), I bought this ones:
A Hobbit scout on poney and Radagast:
not the best figures I'd ever seen but they have something nice!

....and more??

yes, I will share with you the music I like!
I begin with my preferred song: 
Neil Young (the great!) 
"The Needle and the Damage Done"

that's all, mates!

8 commentaires:

  1. The conversions are coming along nicely. I've looked at LOTR figures and the quality seems low on them, so I passed. Neil Young is great. Harvest Moon was an epic album and I respect how he won't give in to his label and compromise his music.

  2. nice one. it is a shame there is no real 20mm LOTR or middle earth figs around

  3. Hello, Sam,

    Thanks for the nice post and Neil Young`s song.

    Greetings from Brazil!


  4. Hello Pascal, I think the conversions you've done are not easy. Now I'm knowing what's coming up to me when I will try the same. I don't know much about LOTR figures in 20mm, but I like the figures and yes I like the music too.

    1. they don't ! but that's I want to do!
      try yourself: maybe you will become mad! (I hope you don't!)
      LOTR Mithril are 28 mm ...
      I'll share music with you and more! (this blog is dedicated to what I like!)

  5. Like the conversions! Never bought that riding hobbit :( or Radagast. Some dwarfs, Nob (or Hob), a spider and more ents are coming up on my page soon some time. Yes I took a look in the cellar. Some time I hope to sort out all the Mithril figs and take a pic on the whole lot. In the latest issue of Uncut there is an interesting article on Danny Whitten (from Carzy Horse). Highly recommended! :-D And Harvest Moon is a wonderful record! Regards Gunnar

    1. Harvest Moon is the better record of Neil Young!

  6. Nice music, nice conversions and maybe the LOTR figures wont look that bad when they're painted. Keep up the good work Pascal!