27 mars 2012

Horses conversions, Mithril, and more.....

I've posted here some trails of horses conversions :
I've partially painted them:

I'd tried to do better ones, and I think that the result is a little better
(sorry for the bad pictures: the black gives some gloss ...)

....and like I was curious to see some figures of LOTR Mithril (28mm), I bought this ones:
A Hobbit scout on poney and Radagast:
not the best figures I'd ever seen but they have something nice!

....and more??

yes, I will share with you the music I like!
I begin with my preferred song: 
Neil Young (the great!) 
"The Needle and the Damage Done"

that's all, mates!

8 commentaires:

  1. The conversions are coming along nicely. I've looked at LOTR figures and the quality seems low on them, so I passed. Neil Young is great. Harvest Moon was an epic album and I respect how he won't give in to his label and compromise his music.

  2. nice one. it is a shame there is no real 20mm LOTR or middle earth figs around

  3. Hello, Sam,

    Thanks for the nice post and Neil Young`s song.

    Greetings from Brazil!


  4. Hello Pascal, I think the conversions you've done are not easy. Now I'm knowing what's coming up to me when I will try the same. I don't know much about LOTR figures in 20mm, but I like the figures and yes I like the music too.

    1. they don't ! but that's I want to do!
      try yourself: maybe you will become mad! (I hope you don't!)
      LOTR Mithril are 28 mm ...
      I'll share music with you and more! (this blog is dedicated to what I like!)

  5. Like the conversions! Never bought that riding hobbit :( or Radagast. Some dwarfs, Nob (or Hob), a spider and more ents are coming up on my page soon some time. Yes I took a look in the cellar. Some time I hope to sort out all the Mithril figs and take a pic on the whole lot. In the latest issue of Uncut there is an interesting article on Danny Whitten (from Carzy Horse). Highly recommended! :-D And Harvest Moon is a wonderful record! Regards Gunnar

  6. Nice music, nice conversions and maybe the LOTR figures wont look that bad when they're painted. Keep up the good work Pascal!