27 mai 2012

STRELETS Conversion US Cavalry

A short post to show what I've tried to do with a  
Strelets "Australian Lancers".
I've taken one rider and cut some parts with a scalpel and I did the same with a horse: nothing very difficult!

I'm not sure that it's sufficing but it could be acceptable, I don't know!
If it works, I think that it could be better with a head swap for example with a STRELETS US Cavalry
The painting is a quick one, not a real work on it.

Un court message pour montrer ce que j'ai essayé de faire avec un STRELETS "Australian Lancers"
J'ai pris un cavalier et j'ai coupé quelques parties avec un cutter et j'ai fait la même chose avec un cheval: rien de très difficile!
Je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit suffisant , mais ça pourrait être acceptable, je ne sais pas!
Si cela fonctionne, je pense que ça pourrait être mieux avec un échange de la tête par exemple avec celle d'un STRELETS "US Cavalry"
La peinture est un peu rapide, pas un gros travail!

14 commentaires:

  1. Nice work, Sam! You've just made a one-of-a-kind mini!!

    1. Thanks Jay! and you have already made ​​a comment!!! you are Lucky Luke or Jessie James or someone else!°°

    2. Call me...the BIGGUY, the Teddy bear in a grizzly bear's body!

    3. OK!!! The BIGGUY... you could add : "FUNNY" or something like that...

  2. Sam nice! I plan to build a diorama in western theme, the idea you gave me. But now I must finish my works in progress. Hello!

  3. Très chouette...on a envie de se revoir un John Wayne à force!

    1. merci! et surtout ne te gêne pas pour le western!
      (si tu veux du John Wayne je te conseille "Le dernier des Géants" sublime!)

  4. Great conversion Sam! Lovely work Sir.

  5. Great paintconversion Pascal! With a little bit more patience it would have been perfect. I see some damage on the horse and the hat of the rider.

    Never the less a very good idea!


    1. Thanks Peter!
      it was just a test, I know that it could be better!
      the hat is a problem: the better way is a head swap, I think...
      for the horse, same problem: a test!
      But it gives me some details which must be changed....

  6. I think it's rather fine myself, but I can see why you want to tinker with it. You'll perfect this in no time at all Pascal.