21 juin 2012

"HUNTING PARTY" and Blogs-Review (Part II)

just a small work I've done sometime ago....

for the figures, not difficult!
-The dog is an AIRFIX one
-The buffalo an ATLANTIC one
-.... and the hunter is ..... ?????? 
(if you find the set, just let a comment!)


I'll continue my "Blog Review" 
(The Part I is here: "link")
First my "old" friend Gunnar (Gataskog):
I hope that he will forgive me because I've missed him in the Part I!
he's an "Old West" fan and his blog is full of ideas and very nice works!

Second: Anne (Anne's Attic): a blog of an Irish Woman who loves wargamers and minis-painters and just started to paint with a very good art!
(unfortunately, she didn't post actually and it's not a good sign... if anybody have some news to give me, I will be happy ! )

 and also:
Bunkermeister (Bunker Talk) a very interesting miniatures blog with many unusual subjects!
Ralfus (Flintlock and tomahawk) an "encyclopaedia blog" about "American warfare 1690-1815 in popular culture, art, in miniature and in wargames, through Living History and in movies." !
Kiril/BlioRay (Models and Miniatures) who describe his blog like this:" My hobby are modelling, miniatures and wargames. My favourite era is Antiquity. " 
Andrew J. McCory  (Random&Creative)  a very  good minis-painter  with some unusual posts... 
Dario ( Dariusz caballeros)  a mine of infos about :
" Equine history, especially Polish, Eurasian and American horsemanship and its history - from Bronze Age to the end of the American Indian Wars...... etc..." 
The Mad Hamster's Modelling a blog with marvellous works from a great young woman !

to be followed.............

And all my apologizes because I don't visit and comment your blogs actually:
I have a lot of work, don't have time to paint and ...
....I've got a new computer and I spend many time for
bring back all my documents and links from the old one!
(but it's a pleasure to have this new computer:  it's quicker and it don't crash all the time!)

21 commentaires:

  1. Anne's husband is undergoing surgery at the moment, nice review!

  2. First, this scene is lovely: minimalistic, but that just adds to it. I can see this whole thing happening right in front of me, the kind of dio which launches an avalanche in my imagination.
    Second: thank you for the review, IMHO being far from 'very good' this is a kind compliment as I'm learning a lot from here as well as from other bloggers around. It's all about learning right?

    1. thanks Andrew!
      "very good" is something which is subjective, but I like so it's "very good"!
      (for my own, I'm always surprised with the comments on my blog!)

  3. Great work, Sam: I can almost smell the scents and hear the bark, sniffs, and grunts!

  4. very nice team of dog and man though I do not recognise him from anywhere.

  5. strelets boer fighting atlantic buffalo

    1. that's good!
      another awesome pose of the set STRELETS "Boers"!
      (he looks "so british", isn't it?)

  6. Another delightful scene, well done Sam.

    1. thanks, just do my best and have fun!
      (nevertheless I'm not satisfied with the dog and the buffalo....)

  7. I looked first on another place, and I see I guessed right ;-D

    Lovely work Pascal!


  8. Strelets Boers are very useful for late 19th century stuff! Great scene. Thanks for the review. :-D And, by the way, you've got mail. :-D

  9. This time I'm very late, but I#m very busy last time.
    I love your party. I'm sad that I got no invitation to the party ;-)

    1. Only never is too late !(and not always!)
      a wolf at a hunting party??? why not ! it could be nice!
      I've some other animals who could be happy to be there!