30 mai 2013

"The TLNW News" : "The Lost New World" : pictures of the Making-off !!!

Hi all!! we have some exclusive pictures of the making off!
I don't know if you remember the Chapter 1 of "The Lost New World" ?

We were allowed to take some photos of the location of the site filming ! It was an opportunity  for us to meet the Director but he refused the interview ! Like we have now some "disagreements" with him, we are not able to say when we could have this meeting. We apologize to our faithful readers for this delay.
Nevertheless, we can show to you the famous Samuel Lessage himself ! 

Salut à tous! nous avons quelques photos exclusives du making off!
Je ne sais pas si vous vous souvenez du 
Chapitre 1 de "The Lost New World"?
Nous avons été autorisés à prendre quelques photos du repérage du site de tournage! Ce fut l'occasion pour nous de rencontrer le directeur, mais il a refusé l'interview! Comme nous avons à l'heure actuelles quelques "désaccords" avec lui, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de dire quand nous pourrons avoir cette réunion. Nous nous excusons auprès de nos fidèles lecteurs de ce retard.
Néanmoins, nous pouvons aujourd'hui vous présenter le célèbre Samuel Lessage en personne!

 Samuel Lessage,  Rose Tailleleur his assistant and Jon Doe the chauffeur.
Samuel Lessage is now in the spotlights of the whole world but he lives and works in the most absolutely secret. In his close entourage, like Jon Doe has entrusted us, he's called "The Doctor" because all what he do is surgical ! His (nice!) assistant, Rose Tailleleur is a young french lady and even if it's said that she's more than his assistant, even the sympathetic chauffeur refused to confirm this rumour.

Samuel Lesage est maintenant sous les projecteurs du monde entier, mais il vit et travaille dans le  secret le plus absolu. Dans son entourage proche, comme Jon Doe nous a confié, il est appelé "The Doctor" parce que tout ce qu'il fait est chirurgical! Sa (délicieuse!) assistante, Rose Tailleleur est une jeune femme française et même s'il est dit qu'elle est plus que son assistante, même le sympathique chauffeur a refusé de confirmer cette rumeur.

(Modified figures : Samuel and Rose from  Caesar "WWII Partisans" 
Jon from Dapol "Railway workmen"
and Land Rover from Classix 1/76)

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  1. Hi, Sam. What a desolate and foreboding location for the a 1st pictorial meeting with the secretive "Doctor" and his close assistants. Nice job! Perhaps the doc should eat a little more at mealtime and work at putting on some more weight.

    1. Thanks Master Jay-di !
      The Doctor has an ascetic life ! He prefer to eat vegetables than a good Hamburger... and he drinks only water, tea for the breakfast, orange juice and a lot of milk !
      Not a good way of life to have a little bit more weight.

  2. Très belle mise en situation de la Land Rover .

  3. Une belle mise en scène, des photos magnifiques, des figs très sympas, et même une histoire d'amour potentielle...on attend la suite!

    1. Merci Phil !
      Pas facile de gérer en même temps l'histoire et le "background" de tournage! On reverra sans doute ces personnages....

  4. Encore du bon travail Sam ;)
    Salutations .

    1. Merci Vincent mais rien d'extraordinaire: je ne passe pas 15 jours sur la peinture de ces figurines qui n'auront qu'un rôle éphémère.
      "It's just a game!"

  5. Jon Doe? Is the Chaufer due the same fate that awaited the Ensign in the red top every time Captain Kirk went planet-side with a landing party?

    "Jon! Go behind that rock and investigate that hissing noise"


    "Jon?...JON?...Quick! - Back to the Land-Rover!"


    1. Hi Hugh !!
      I'm sorry but I don't know this "Jon" nor "Captain Kirk" ! so it could be him, but it's independent of my own will ! *

      * no identity in fact...

    2. Hi Sam

      'Jon Doe' is the name the American authorities give to unidentified bodies! So it is synonymous - in fiction - with the deceased...or soon to be!

      The guy in the red top was the one who always got killed (usually off-screen) in Star Trek [Capt. Kirk] when they visited a planet!

      All lost in bad...I was suggesting that like the unnamed ensign's in Star Trek landing parties, your chauffeur is a 'dead man walking'!!!


    3. Thanks Hugh !
      In fact, I've called him "Jon Doe" because I didn't find a name for him and I was thinking that it could be funny (?) to use "Jon" (and not "John" !) Doe" !
      In the story of the Lost New World, I try to put in some "winks" in each episode...
      just have a look at Samuel Lessage, "The Doctor" and his assistant: Rose Tailleleur (in french the pronunciation is almost "Rose Taylor" ... sic !)

  6. Excellente mise en scène et tu te tires très très bien de cette réalisation multi-plans !
    Rose Tailleleur :-) jeu de mot à prendre sur plusieurs niveaux aussi ???

    1. Merci Stéphane!
      pour l'instant ça roule!
      J'ai reçu le land rover à midi,je l'ai "sali" et j'ai peint Jon Doe dans l'après-midi puis fait les photos dans la soirée (surexposées d'ailleurs!)
      bonne journée!

      Continue de chercher les "clins d'oeil", tu t'en sors pas trop mal pour l'instant!
      Pour Rose: un seul niveau STP, on reste soft ici!

  7. Splendid sequel to your last piece, Sam.

  8. Thanks Jan ! I'm a kind of "solo-gamer" without dices !

    1. .... and I've added your blog in my blog-roll: I've forgotten before!! shame on me!

  9. very interesting. and anyone who likes to be addressed as simply "the doctor" must have some huge secrets to tell. anyway interesting though I am a little lost as to who is who.

    1. Thanks Gowan!
      you're lost with the characters?
      It's quite simple:
      S.G. has wrote a book, edited under the name "The Lost New World", after 10 years of work with a manuscript and notes found in a chest. This material was wrote by a WWII pilot Captain Jacques Ciel who has disappeared in 1947.
      The rights of the book have been given for making a "movie" which is showed in the blog "The Lost New World". (that's good here?)
      "Sam's Minis World has been chosen for the making-off: figures, sceneries, pictures, etc.... (!)
      So, all a team have to realize the film !!
      Samuel Lessage is the Director, he has many assitants and crew for doing this job. In "The TLNW News", I show some events and characters which are in the "real life" in the time of the movie making.
      It's an imaginary parallel background to the story of the Lost New World.
      That's better ?

      maybe in a future post, I will write a resume of all of that if it's necessary.