09 juillet 2013

One Trappers, one Mountie and a dog (BUM) + HOLIDAYS !!!

While Peter shows his BUM'S Hurons ( Peter's Cave ), nicely painted, I have 3 more figures of this strange manufacturer.
One Trapper ( see also here )
One Mountie (see also here )
and a dog that I've called "Snowy", because of the colour!
(it's a young Husky, recalcitrant for the sledge's work, but very nice !)

Trapper, Mountie and "Snowy"
Alors que Peter montre les Hurons de BUM (Peter's Cave ), joliment peints, j'ai terminé 3 autres figurines de cet étrange fabricant.
-Un trappeur (voir aussi
here )
-Un Mountie (voir aussi
here )
-et un chien que j'ai appelé
"Snowy", en raison de sa couleur!
(c'est un jeune Husky, récalcitrant pour le travail du traîneau, mais très sympa!)

I will be out of the Blog-World during 8/9 days because I going in England and Wales 
for our family's Holidays !! 
No paint, no blog(s), nothing more than enjoy the country and the family's life !
I will be back with a lot of photos and more !

 Je serai hors du Blog-Monde pendant 8/9 jours parce que je vais en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles pour les vacances  familliales!
Pas de peinture, pas de blog (s), rien de plus qu'apprécier le pays et la vie de famille!
Je serai de retour avec beaucoup de photos et plus encore!
"May the Force be with you"

 Que la Force soit avec vous !

15 commentaires:

  1. A great trio, Sam. These are very nicely painted people of the snow.

  2. I do love these miniatures; enjoy the holiday Mrs Awdry and I will be heading to Wales too in a couple of weeks or so.

  3. You've picked the right time - We're having a summer the like of which we haven't seen for a fair few years, and unlike most hot summers here, the humidity has stayed low and a breeze is mixing it up a bit...welcome to the - very inclement - UK!


  4. Tres jolies figurines , suivies d'un trés bon travail de peinture , bravo j'aime .
    A bientôt .

  5. They are great. I love the pose of the guy crouching...excellent painting!

  6. Excellent figures Sam and enjoy your holiday!

  7. Lovely work on the fig's Sam. I hope you have a great holiday!

  8. have a lovely time in Wales, Sam Wise!

  9. Thanks all ! I'm on the road ! sunny. and hot day !

  10. Some nice work Sam, love the dog, have a great holiday

  11. Les figurines sont vraiment bonnes vacances!

  12. these figures are really beautiful and your superb color tones! Happy Holidays Pascal!!!

  13. Etrange fabricant, mais figurines très intéressantes n'est-ce pas ?
    Joli trio avec une très belle pose pour celui en raquettes. Tu as dû apprécier de les peindre !

    Bonnes vacances, profite de ton temps libre pour penser au monde perdu ;)

  14. Extremely, nice work. How long have you been painting miniatures, Sam?

  15. The sculpting on these figures looks much better as on the hurons. And not so much flash.
    Nice painted figures and dog!

    Have a very nice holliday!