17 août 2013

PROJECT HOBBITS (6) : Merry and Pippin (MITHRIL)

I don't care and I've paint 2 sets with the same characters !
Like they are famous in the LoTR saga, I don't think it's not necessary to add more!
(and I'm too lazy and tired this night for a long speech!)

It's an example of the variety of the the MITHRL figures:
I've counted around 5 Merry, Pippin, 10 Frodo, 11 Sam and 12 Bilbo!

The first set is M129

The second set is M290 :

 2 Merry and  2 Pippin for the same price :

.... and like nobody seems to have notice it, 
I insist on the fact that for all those hobbits 
I've attempt to paint the eyes with more or less success ...
.... et comme personne ne semble l'avoir remarqué , 
J'insiste sur le fait que, pour tous ces hobbits
J'ai tenté de peindre les yeux ..... avec plus ou moins de succès ..

.....some more to come !

8 commentaires:

  1. Very nice looking little-people, Pada Sam. And I've noticed for a log time your good eye painting. Sweet!

  2. your painting is giving a wonderful life to these strange , little people. Ciao Pascal !

  3. Wonderful painted figures Pascal! I like your painting style!! BTW nice shadings and highlights.


  4. That's the thing with figures, you can do exactly what you want with them and paint them up how you like!

  5. Magnificent! Sam, your painting of these miniatures brings them to life.

  6. The figures look great as always. Eyes are tough, that's why I stick to Orcs. A dab of red and you're done.

  7. Hola
    Buenas piezas,si señor