12 août 2013

REVIEW 10 / Corgi Junior Wild West

I just want to show a little collection of toys :
There is not a lot of stuff in this range, but they are nice !
I'm not sure that it could be used with 1/72 figures : they are too small !
Maybe with Ho or smaller ....

1- train:
 a small set with a locomotive and 2 different wagons :

2-Stage Coach :

3-Old West City:
I've seen them only 1 time on e-bay and... I've bought them!

4-Only 2 toys are missing in my collection:
The Wagon Train (very rare) and the Steamboat. I hope to find them ...

Nice toys !

It's possible that I try to paint the town, they could be useful for sceneries...

J'ai une petite collection de jouets "Corgi Junior Wild West".

1 loco et 4 wagons (qui existent en 2 modèles)
1 diligence
et surtout la ville de l'Ouest qui semble très très rare: c'est la seule fois où je l'ai vue sur e-bay et j'ai eu la chance de remporter les enchères à un prix à peu près correct.
Il me manque le rare "Wagon Train" (charriot) et le bateau à vapeur.
Peu compatible ave le 1/72, peut-être pour le Ho voire plus petit ?
J'espère compléter la collection !

J'ai dans l'idée de peindre les batiments de la ville: ils pourraient convenir à des mises en scène..

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  1. If I was you I wouldn´t paint them. Make molds and cast some and paint Long as you don´t sell any it´s ok. the ones you have are obviously rare and Need keeping as original as possible.

  2. You're probably right Paul ..
    But it will be difficult to made a mold!
    maybe with "instant mold" or a similar product ?

    I must think about that...

    Maybe I will ask to Hugh (Small Scale World) about the rarity of this stuff !

  3. totally agree with Paul....make moulds (not istant mold, i think is not good for big pieces)but can try with gls 50 by Prochima, a bit expensive but is nothing in front the value of that set. Cioa my friend

  4. These are nice pieces, but the idea of keeping them in boxes because they are rare is strange to me. Surely these are meant to be enjoyed, but I'm likely wrong about that!

    1. What could I say ???
      it's a dilemma !
      In fact, usually, I don't collect just for collect!

      I've thousands figures and I know that I will never paint them all, but I like the idea that I have the ones that I could need!
      Maybe it should be better to do my own Old West Town at the good scale... they could be used like models?

  5. They are lovely and remind me of my Timpo Toys, not sure if I would paint them though.

  6. Nice collector's set, Sam. Display them.

    1. I don't have a display case !!
      (only a small one for some figures, that's all!)

  7. Sympathiques petites choses en tout cas.

  8. For me , I would not paint them! I would go for the idea of using them as models to make my own. If they are rare then put them on display and keep the boxes!

    1. Rodger: the loco and the wagons, the stagecoach, are not rare, only the wagon train and the town seem to be...

      I've seen boxes with 2 buildings + train or + wagon train and stagecoach, but I've no idea of the price!

  9. Yes, I agree with the last poster, I would not paint them. Display them as is. Nice collection!

    1. I think that I will put them in a box!

      It could be better to build my own town!

  10. Sam, the buildings are quite uncommon and best kept 'as is', I only have three...with no stickers!

    I will add a wagon to your pile, they are not so rare over here (loose) and I think I have a couple spare, but the reverse colour is uncommon as it only came in the larger play-set.


    PS - did I say I'd put them on my blog ages ago and then not bother? I've had a lot on!

    1. Thanks Hugh !
      I was almost sure that the town was rare !!
      and I've paid the whole set for about 15€! (12£)

      Thanks for the wagon!
      do you have the steamboat too ?

  11. Hi Pascal. Gosh you have some very nice item`s there.You`ve paid a pittence for them too.You certainly got a bargan! In the States Cowboy Toy`s are not rare at all,but we don`t often get them in England.I don`t know who produced these Toys,but please do not PAINT THEM.I love these kind of Toys,and if I had been bidding for these against you ,they would belong to me now, because I would have put a max of £125.45p .I would have expected to win them around the £70 mark! So yes you did well getting these.Beano Boy