07 janvier 2015

"Je suis Charlie" !!

Ce soir, j'écris d'abord en français parce que c'est plus facile pour moi: essayer de dire avec des mots toute l'émotion que je peux avoir après l'attentat odieux contre "Charlie Hebdo" et ses journalistes est difficile ... demain nous nous habillons en noir !
rejoignez si vous pouvez ce mouvement :

Toutes mes pensées aux victimes et à leurs familles... 

This evening at first I write in French because it's easier for me to try to put into words the emotion that I can have after the heinous attack against "Charlie Hebdo" and its journalists is difficult ... tomorrow we dress in black!

if you can join this movement:

R.I.P to all the victims and their families  

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11 commentaires:

  1. Une fois de plus l'obscurantisme à frappé. Je préfère ne pas en dire plus, je deviendrai vulgaire.

    Condoléances aux familles et aux proches des victimes sans oublier mes encouragements aux blessés (trop souvent oublié dans les commentaires de la presse)

  2. peu de mots, pourtant il est important d'écrire, d'écrire et d'écrire encore, car même si l'on ne trouve pas ses mots, il faut que la plume reste plus forte que l’épée ! "je suis CHARLIE"

  3. Ces assassins ne peuvent pas tuer d'idées, la liberté, ni expression artistique. Ils ne exposent la faiblesse de leurs croyances. Je suis Charlie.

  4. Une pensee a tous ceux qui viennent de disparaitre violemment, et notamment a Ahmed, l'officier froidement abattu. Je suis Charlie.

  5. I am sorry for your country's loss, Sam.

  6. Merci pour eux !
    thanks for them !

  7. An attack not just on France, but on anyone who values a free society. We Are Charlie, indeed.

  8. Sam, you claimed over on Hugh Walter's Small Scale World blog that these attacks and murders have nothing to do with anti-Semitism and hatred of Jewish people. However, the terrorists have now deliberately a Parisian kosher supermarket and murdered four people. There is also evidence to show that at least one of the two Jewish Charlie Hebdo journalists was murdered specifically because she was Jewish.

    You really need to stop sticking your head in the sand over this. France has an appallingly high level of both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia - evidenced by the French government passing islamophobic laws such as stopping women from wearing headscarves and the high level of attacks on Jewish people which means that the French Jewish community are leaving France in rapidly increasing numbers because it is not safe for them anymore. France is one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world and has a long history of being so. Now even your President Hollande has had to admit that yesterday's attack at the Kosher supermarket was clearly motivated by anti-Semitism. You need to look seriously at your country's faults, mate.