12 janvier 2015

Toy "Pirate Ship III " ! another 2014's "old" work .

I try to finish to post all the unposted works of the last year ... almost done, except the last ones which are waiting for a setting and the camera !

This one is on the same way than two other ones, but this time, a little bit larger, which is quite a good thing! Just painted, no conversion .

pictures !

added some figures for the scale ...
Pirate III with the small Pirate I
Pirate I and Pirate II
(pirates: Orion : more here )

10 commentaires:

  1. Hola
    Guauu como molan
    Grandes piezas si señor
    un saludo

  2. Just the right scale size on these ships, Sam. Nice score!

  3. Again a very nice ship for your collection Pascal! Looks real good!
    When do the Royal Marines and Hornblower will get their ship? ;-)


  4. You are certainly building quite a fleet there Sam, looking great.

  5. Bon, étant donné que j'en ai un, il va falloir que j'aille chercher les autres dans les vide-grenier !
    Vous n'êtes qu'un vil tentateur monsieur Sam !
    Très joli fond en passant

  6. Aye Aye! I love this peaceful, Jolly Roger styled work Pascal.
    Best keep a Seaward Watch out though for the Queen Anne`s Revenge ! She`s been seen Lurking close by. Or perhaps it was The Black Pig? BB