26 janvier 2015

"TOMBSTOWN" : "Wild West Townsfolk" (GERMANIA Figuren)

I've done a quick scenery/display with some of the Tombstown's buildings for the figures of the range "Wild West Townsfolk" (I, II and III) .
I've finally painted all the sets except the Chuck Wagon (I've used the IMEX one) and the Longhorns (used those from Toma Miniatures) . You can see them here:
-Cowboys at rest : link
-Cowboys on the trail : link

The buildings are all from Thomas Förstmann (own page) except the jail from Hovels.

and the last one show all the figures of "Tombstown" !

I think that it's my last post  with past year's works. Next month, I will begin to show the first ones of 2015 !

22 janvier 2015

PREVIEW : "Tombstown"... The Marshall Office + figures (Germania)

Just one picture for a quick preview of a new building for "Tombstown".
This one comes from Hovels ( link 25mm Old West) and I've done a quick painting.

The figures are a part of the Wild West Townsfolk I, II and III sculpted by Stefano De Rensis for Germania Figuren , the others are coming soon (I've painted the 3 sets) . (link)

Let's go !

19 janvier 2015

"The Night Watch" ...... a dark story ! (and another base....)

...just some pictures, it's supposed to tell a story.
Not sure that's very clear ...

+ some pictures of the new base : (first finished work of the year !)

(Figures from VALDEMAR - VA127 "Medieval Guards on Duty" => here)

16 janvier 2015

12 janvier 2015

Toy "Pirate Ship III " ! another 2014's "old" work .

I try to finish to post all the unposted works of the last year ... almost done, except the last ones which are waiting for a setting and the camera !

This one is on the same way than two other ones, but this time, a little bit larger, which is quite a good thing! Just painted, no conversion .

pictures !

added some figures for the scale ...
Pirate III with the small Pirate I
Pirate I and Pirate II
(pirates: Orion : more here )

10 janvier 2015

" MEDIEVAL INQUISITION " (Valdemar - VA130) - Part 1

I think that January will be full of works of  2014 that I've not shown last year!
One those works is the set "Medieval Inquisition" (Fredericus Rex), sculpted by Alex Gussev .
It's just a part of the set but I've painted all the figures.... the other ones are on the other side of the little base! (and I've no pictures of them)

07 janvier 2015

"Je suis Charlie" !!

Ce soir, j'écris d'abord en français parce que c'est plus facile pour moi: essayer de dire avec des mots toute l'émotion que je peux avoir après l'attentat odieux contre "Charlie Hebdo" et ses journalistes est difficile ... demain nous nous habillons en noir !
rejoignez si vous pouvez ce mouvement :

Toutes mes pensées aux victimes et à leurs familles... 

This evening at first I write in French because it's easier for me to try to put into words the emotion that I can have after the heinous attack against "Charlie Hebdo" and its journalists is difficult ... tomorrow we dress in black!

if you can join this movement:

R.I.P to all the victims and their families  

just found this picture...  : 

06 janvier 2015

Western Town IV & V for "Tombstown"

I've not a lot to say for those buildings ...
hum ? ....
oh! I know ! I've painted them !!!
... last year ! 

(and very important : the Church is supposed to be a School .... but I've added a cross on the bell tower so now it's a church !)

+ some figures for the scale

UPDATE 08/01: Thomas Förstmann (, the creator of those nice buildings has mailed to me very kind comments ..
 I'm touched and I encourage you to visit his page ..

I'm trying to build a fence for this house ...
next time, I hope to be able to show the small town ("Tombstown" he!he!) with some new inhabitants .... but hushhhh!!! it's a secret ! )