15 décembre 2011

some new painting!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy because last evening, I had some time to paint 
a little bit with my beloved daughter!!!!!!!!!!
 It's not exactly  the usual painting I do: 
she need some help (and some material!.... ) for a school work,
so for the first time I had the pleasure to paint ..... 
french fries in 1:1 scale !!!

While  we were both painting, she said:
"it would be nice to paint figures.... do you think that "Mangas ones" exist?"
I don't know, but perhaps some could be found....

(for the Mangas: yes she had a large collection!)

2 commentaires:

  1. Manga minis??? No problem ;-D
    and 28mm
    but look at the last link without your daughter has some...rude things

  2. thanks Paul! well.. she said that, but don't think that she ask me another time!
    And figures are quite expensive and not necessarily beautiful in my opinion ;;