20 décembre 2011

Who will die?

This little vignette was one I did for a Duel against Paul on Benno's Forum....
no comment about the result: it's clear enough!
but: "No fear to fight, no fear to loose: just want fun!"
Many thanks to my "old friend" Paul for this duel !

I know that I was deserved by my bad pictures 
and maybe an inappropriate background:

I took some new pictures in daylight with a new background 
(I'd forgotten to put the cross!):

Figures from CAESAR (the Orc) and STRELETS (Anglo-Saxons)

4 commentaires:

  1. As I said at Benno's, just great! Don't think the first background is wrong. The bowstrings! How???

  2. Aha!!! Those pics are much better...daylight photos..the only way.
    You´re painting gets better all the time..:-D

  3. thanks my friends!
    Yes better in daylight!
    for the bowstrings, Paul's technique I used for the first time:

  4. Nice work and very good painting! Orc is very funny :)