18 janvier 2012


.... they are here!!!!!!!!!
I could be very happy and jump around the house... 
but I'm not convinced!
The first view of this set is quite disappointing.... so I'm disappointed!
look at this:

all I can say is that is not the whole set, even you can buy now here:
 WATERLOO 1815 ....

The horses poses are bad and the Apaches poses are 
without imagination and creativity...
after the quite good SIOUX set from the same manufacturer:
it's on direct line of  the "US 7th Cavalry" set from the same manufacturer !
I'm actually painting this set  and I didn't have the same pleasure 
than I had with the SIOUX !!!... 
The Cavalry will coming soon with a little review of it )

I'll buy and paint the Apache Warriors, that's sure, because I want to have them in my hands and have look at them with my eyes.... but....
It's a pity, because actually WATERLOO 1815 is the only manufacturer who release new Wild West figures! 
(I don't mention the BUM sets ... because I don't want to buy them!
too expensive for their quality.....)

Could we have a day a good manufacturer which will have an other interest than WWI/WWII, Nappolenics and Medieval ??????????????????????

I'm crying!!!!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello Pascal, I agree with you. It seems not to be a great set. But with your painting it will look much better at the end. Keep on painting!

  2. Fantastic art! :) love it