09 janvier 2012

"What do you have against 28mm scale?"

Welcome to a new member : Alcidas who said in the post : 
Hobbits 28mm (GW) 
"Nice work, but what do you have against 28mm scale"
I think that's an interesting question, and would like to answer him:


My opinion is that in 28mm, the choice of figures and themes  is higher than in 1/72 !

But I'm painting 1/72 because:

-it's what I knew first (I played with those old ATLANTIC / AIRFIX in my childhood!),
-I recently begun to learn painting on Benno's forum 
-and at last, because I'm not a wargamer!

(I have also NOTHING against wargamers, it's just because I never had the possibility to meet some of them and .... play!)

But what I like the most, I think, is Fantasy and over all : 

the Tolkien's Master-Work: LOTR !

In 1/72, the choice is very, very closed... so I know that sometimes, I'll put my brushes on 28mm... so many choice for Fantasy ! 

I have a small range of GW LOTR and I'm looking for MITRIL LOTR (a little bit expensive!).... but I have so many figures and others things to paint that sometimes, I'm afraid because I'm sure that I will never have time to paint them all before I die!

No matter, so long I'll be able to do, I will!

So, Alcidas: you will see here others 28mm figures, and I have some others Fantasy projects in any scale!

I always say:
"I paint what I like, in the way I like ... and when I have time to paint!"

Thanks all for your patience and your support: without you this blog didn't exist....

.... I forgot!!!!!!!!!
=> and you ??? what's your opinion?????????

Bienvenue à un nouveau membre: Alcidas qui a dit dans mon post: Hobbits 28mm (GW)
«Beau travail, mais qu'est-ce que vous avez contre l'échelle 28mm"
Je pense que c'est une question intéressante, et je voudrais répondre à .... 
Mon opinion est qu'en  28mm,
le choix des figurines et  des thèmes est plus élevé que dans le 1 / 72 !

Je peins du 1 / 72  parce que:
-c'est ce que j'ai connu en premier (j'ai joué avec ces vieux ATLANTIC / AIRFIX dans mon enfance!),
-Je récemment commencé à apprendre la peinture sur
Benno's forum
- et enfin, parce que je ne suis pas un Wargamer!
(Je n'ai rien aussi contre les wargamers! c'est juste que je n'ai jamais eu l'occasion d'en rencontrer et .... jouer!)

Mais ce que j'aime le plus
, je pense, est le Fantasy et par-dessus tout : 
le  chef d'oeuvre de Tolkien : LOTR!
En  1 / 72, le choix est très, très fermé ... donc je sais que,  parfois, je vais poser mes pinceaux sur du 28mm ... tellement de choix pour la Fantasy!
J'ai une petite gamme de GW LOTR et je suis à la recherche de MITRIL LOTR (un peu chères!).... mais j'ai tellement de figurines et d'autres choses à peindre que parfois, j'ai peur parce que je suis sûr que je n'aurai jamais le temps de les peindre tous avant de mourir !
Peu importe, tant que je serai capable de faire, je vais faire!
Ainsi, Alcidas: vous verrez ici d'autres figurines de 28mm, et d'autres projets Fantasy en n'importe quelle échelle!
"Je peins ce que j'aime, de la façon que j'aime .... et quand j'ai le temps!"
Merci à tous pour votre patience et votre soutien: sans vous ce blog n'existait pas

4 commentaires:

  1. My opinion is that I like the craft that you guys put into painting these figures. Yes, it's nice to see them being played on a table in a wargame, but I like looking at the pieces as well.

  2. I think he misunderstood the tops of your post..the "waiting for better one´s to turn up" He probably assumes he means you don´t like the 28mm sculpts and doesn´t know about the "little" ones that are (I hope) coming ;-D


  3. @Anne: thanks: we have fun with both of ways !
    painting minis is a world, there's place for everybody!

    @Paul: you're certainly right, but he's the only one who could reply!

  4. hullo

    yes i had thought that what sam meant in that post was that he did not like 28mm and was waiting for the hobbits to be made in a "better" scale.

    I actually started at 72nd scale as a kid but i prefer 28mm because it is a bit larger, so it makes the painting more fun. For example, at 72nd scale you dont really have to paint eyes, but with a 28mm figure, it is a very important part of the whole miniature.