20 janvier 2012


I thought that it could be interesting to compare some sets which could be useful for doing a not too bad US Cavalry for Indians Wars or something else!
For start that: 
Which horses can I use for the WATERLOO "7th Cavalry" ??

1- I propose 7 horses from 7 sets of ACW or others:(each rider comes from the set Wat.)

perhaps the problem is: the original horse is too big for the rider????
2- some closer pictures with the Waterloo 1815 set:

3-each set with an "original" rider:

......and now you can make your choice!!!!!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. I like the Italeri Union the best. And I've not seen any mounted pieces from this period. Which is strange considering the importance of horses during this war.

  2. Thanks Anne!!!... I've painted some UNION Cavalry in my first US Cavalry mixed with some STRELETS (the one which is on the top of the Blog!)but I didn't show them here yet!
    I think that it's a good set, the horses are very well done but I like the STRELETS ones !
    ... but how can you comment the other blogs with the concerns you have! I'm stonned! I'm completely amazed ....