15 février 2012


I'd painted the SIOUX
I'd painted the 7th CAVALRY

What could happen after ????????

By chance I found this old photography from an anonymous artist of the 19th century:

A very hard work (and a little bit of technology!) permitted us to show you those "modern" pictures:  

at first, the retouched one which was the base for making the other pictures :

and now all the computer graphics pictures that we can do with it:

Many thanks to all the men (and women!) 
who worked hard on this project!
and I hope that it will very important and useful for our knowledges about this fantastic period of our fantastic history: 
"The Old West Frontier"

 [ Click on a picture to see them all in a slide-show ]


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10 commentaires:

  1. This is stellar. It almost looks like scenes from a film that you've made still shots of. And using that historical picture, you've brought the past to life and shown just why wargaming is so important.

  2. Real nice and dynamic scene. Congratulations!

  3. Very good. You did not fool me with the picture thing though but nice try! ;-D

  4. I like those retro pictures. It works fine for this period. Pictures taken by Mister Brady I suppose? ;-)

    Excellent work Pascal!


  5. Thanks my friends!
    Old photos is very easy to do with Photobucket: maybe a short "how to do" a next time?
    Yes Peter! Mister Brady!! that's right! I've done some researches and it seems that it was one the photos he did! A very courageous man: always in front-line of battles: must have the "Pulitzer Price", in my opinion!

  6. What to paint next? That is your question Pascal. Why not paint the Imex StageCoach that I am willing to send to you for FREE! It would look good with the Apachie. Just like the old Movie,Stage Coach,with Big J .W. I bought Two boxes of these several years ago on eBay,and they are still as new in the boxes.They are getting very hard to find now.I admire your Western section so that is why I make you this offer. No Strings Attached! No pretencious motive!Nothing needed in return. Just a friendly offer. OK?.....Beano Boy.

    1. I'm touched with your proposition, Paul !
      Like I've pm to you on Benno's, I think that the Sioux are better for a Stage Coach attack than the poorly Apache Set !
      Maybe some more to add and cowboys could be needed, exactly like in an Old West movie !

    2. Yes it's better with the Sioux, but the driver will need some modification. I don't see him sitting on a stagecoach with his arms up, when he is under attack! ;-)


    3. Yes Peter ! I think that other figures and conversions must be used for this project ...
      I'm searching for ideas !