03 février 2012

"The Pilgrims"-Valdemar-("old work but new pics!")

Yesterday, I'd decided to do some pictures of "old works" in daylight!!!!
This one is "the Pilgrims" from Valdemar:
it's one of my preferred set of this great manufacturer!
(I suppose it's an Alex sculpt....)

When I post it first at Benno's (April 2011) the tree was catastrophic,
so I'd made a new one....

if you are too lazy for going at Benno's (grrrrr...!!!)
just one ancient picture !

4 commentaires:

  1. I love the way you did this with the outdoors in the background. I've never seen anyone do that before!

  2. It's much better now! And the background is great!

  3. Great improvement my friend. As Anne says a very good background, and that tree is wonderfull now!

    You're making big steps forwards! Go on!


  4. Thanks!!
    @Anne, Gunnar and Peter: very easy for the background, just a picture on an A4 sheet!! with the photo-depth (don't how we say that in english!) it looks to be far of the subject... I'll show here how I do the picture! Many painters do like that: it's important to valorise the figures (links of some of them in a future post!
    @Peter: big steps?? with hobbit's feet, it's not easy!!!!!!... Fortunately, I have so good professors!