10 février 2012

REVIEW III Comparisons for SIOUX (IMEX/WAT.1815 + Alternative HORSES)

... no time to take pictures of the finished 7th Cavalry (Waterloo 1815) ....
so I choose to post some comparisons between :
1- IMEX and WATERLOO 1815 Sioux sets
2-Some comparisons of other horses which can be used for 
the SIOUX  or other "Native American" tribes.

1-IMEX against WATERLOO 1815:
I must precise before that the IMEX figures are mainly  foot-warriors: only 3 riders poses and 3 horses poses: Plastic Soldiers Review
For the WATERLOO 1 815 set  : Plastic Soldiers Review
(I didn't take a picture of the awful 3rd horse pose!!! I let you view it on PSR! )

The SIOUX  warriors : the IMEX ones look to be too thin with big horses
and the poses are just acceptable!
IMEX                      WATERLOO 1815                  IMEX

...and you can see that I didn't finished to paint the IMEX ..... 
who knows the reason....

2- some alternative horses for Indians Tribes  (SIOUX or other ones...)

Paul (Paul's Bods) suggested to me the  
and I'd the idea to have a look at  the HAT Allied Alexander's Cavalry :
in this order from left to right : 
WATERLOO 1815  (1)     HAT (2 )                 ZVEZDA (2)

 and also the HAT Numidian Cavalry  :

Both of them could be very good Indians horses!! 
(some swap to do on the special reins)

I hope that could be useful for you....

But the US Cavalry is coming... I'm scarred for the Sioux!! 
who will win???

6 commentaires:

  1. Sadly; The Cavalry won in the end :-(

    Thanks for linking to my blog Sam ;-)


  2. I don't know enough to figure out why you didn't finish the IMEX! I like the HAT figures pretty well. When are you going to put up the US Calvary soldiers? I'll bookmark those brand names as well!

  3. Thank you for sharing this comparison with us Pascal. Very interesting.


  4. Nice to see this comparison. Must be pretty useful since you add horses that are from other periods. Great! Why you didn't finish IMEX? Maybe you liked Waterloo1815 better and was satisfied with him? Nah, I really like your indians. Hope you can finish more of them and show us. Gunnar

  5. Thanks all!
    @Maverick: nice blog, you have! always a pleasure to have a look on it!
    @Anne and Gunnar: when you have the IMEX and the WAT. 1815 SIOUX in your hands, you paint the 2nd and you let the 1rst !!

  6. So cool these are awsome I hope they win. They may not have the technology but they have that look. Technology Vs Awsome. in my opinion Awsome should always win. Unfortunately it never does :-(