02 février 2012

Games of Thrones (season 2 trailer) and ... French Bloggers !!!!!!!

.... I loved the 1srt season.... waiting now the second one!!!!
(and RR Martin's books "Songs of Ice and Fire" ) 
I want to share with you the trailer : 

..... I just had a look at the " "La Figoblogotheque"  and I surfed quickly on some blogs (mainly in french ones...): all are Gamers Blogs!!!! 
Is there someone in France who paint (and post in a blog!!!) something different?
Who paints 1/72 figures just for the pleasure of paint, for fun or even artistic or historical (no-Nappies!) interest??? 
It's strange.... 


 .... J'avais jeté un coup d'oeil à la "" La Figoblogotheque " et j'ai surfé rapidement sur certains blogs (ceux principalement en français ...): tous les bloggers sont des Gamers!! 
Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un en France qui peint (et post sur ​​un blog!)  
quelque chose de différent? 
Qui peint des figurines 1 / 72  juste pour le plaisir de peindre, pour le fun ou même un intérêt artistique ou historique (no-Nappies!) ??

C'est étrange ....

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  1. There are a couple of French blogs that paint but not many and they are not on Figoblog. I´ll dig some up and PM them to you. The main thing is if you look at the list at figo, is how long ago some of them posted!!!!! A lot of them are abandoned I think. A bit like figo blog isn´t "occupied" at the moment...when I last looked yesterday was the 1st of feb..;-D