30 décembre 2011

Indian Warrior

Hi! I don't post anything since a long time!
This figure is only the 2nd one that I've painted in the past two weeks!
I'd time, but didn't have enough courage because my beloved father is at the hospital...

I'd begun some others projects, 
I hope that I'll can paint some more soon!

This figure comes from the WATERLOO 1815 "Sioux",  
a good set in my opinion!
(the horse is a little conversion of the falling one....
painted like an Appaloosa horse: not so easy in fact!)

25 décembre 2011

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Trailer!

Wahouuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! My precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!

It's my Christmas gift, my precious!

22 décembre 2011

Hospitaler Knight

.... and again, a work with new photos in daylight!!!
I did this one for a small competition on Valdemar Forum .
But we are only 2 competitors!! 
Don't know if I won something, but no matter!
It was a long time ago that I wished to paint an Hospitaler and this beautiful figure + the horse from another set, seemed to be perfect for that project.

first the "original" picture:

and then the new ones: 
figures from Valdemar-Minatures


21 décembre 2011

Knight of The Christmas Order

I think it's time to wish you a 
Merry Christmas!! 
(I could also say "Pippin Christmas" or "Merry and Pippin Christmas" 
or even "Merry Christ-Sam", but I'm not sure that it would be good ideas!)

For information:
-The knight is a (little) conversion of a Valdemar figure.
-The Christmas Order is an order which is devoted to assure a good Christmas Night for all the humans (and Hobbits!) of the world.
-The Shield is not a shield: it's a sledge and on the pictures, we can see that he's waiting for his reindeer .
(unfortunately, he has a very lazy squire who sleeps the whole day !):

I forgot to mention that I found an inspiration with the first figure of    
Thanks to the author !!!!

Pour plus d'informations:
-Le chevalier est une (petite!) conversion d'une figurine Valdemar.
L'Ordre de Noël est un ordre qui se consacre à assurer une bonne nuit de Noël à tous les humains (et Hobbits!) du monde.
-Le bouclier n'est pas un bouclier: c'est un traîneau et sur ​​les photos, on peut voir que le Chevalier attend son renne!
(Malheureusement, il a un
écuyer très paresseux  qui dort toute la journée!)

圣诞节快乐 !  С Рождеством ! BUON NATALE! 
Wesołych Świąt ! عيد ميلاد مجيد!  FELIZ NATAL ! 
 NOLEIG SHONA ! Crăciun ferici ! Prettig Kerstfeest!

20 décembre 2011

Who will die?

This little vignette was one I did for a Duel against Paul on Benno's Forum....
no comment about the result: it's clear enough!
but: "No fear to fight, no fear to loose: just want fun!"
Many thanks to my "old friend" Paul for this duel !

I know that I was deserved by my bad pictures 
and maybe an inappropriate background:

I took some new pictures in daylight with a new background 
(I'd forgotten to put the cross!):

Figures from CAESAR (the Orc) and STRELETS (Anglo-Saxons)

A Knight, a Man and a Wolf....

I've painted this little vignette some time ago....
Recently, I've taken some new pictures in daylight and with another background.
For me it's better!

First one picture taken with a lamp like I always do :

....and the new ones:
"The Lonerider" from Valdemar (I love this figure!!!!),
the Man from STRELETS (Norman Army on the March) 
and the Wolf  from PHERSU Miniatures.

18 décembre 2011

STRELETS "Norman Army Before Battle"

 ... this one is a set I'd painted some time ago, with the project of painting ALL the STRELETS Normans sets, and perhaps the "Anglo-Saxons" too! Actually, I didn't finish, but.......

I painted also with this set, 2 "scouts": 
one is a quick conversion of a STRELETS crossbowman, 
the other comes from the set "Normans Before Battle".

Like always, I tried to paint each figure like a single one: 
colours and shields are all different. The chain-mails are not perfect, but actually, it's something I try to paint in the best way and I'm not really satisfied: I will search and re-search, try and re-try..
and the scouts:
.... celui-ci est un set que j'ai peint il y a quelque temps, dans mon projet de peindre TOUTES les séries Strelets Normands, (et les «Anglo-Saxons» aussi!). En fait, je n'ai pas fini ce (gros! )projet , mais. ......

J'ai peint aussi avec ce set, deux «éclaireurs»: l'un est une conversion rapide d'un arbalétrier Strelets, l'autre vient de «Normands avant la bataille".

Comme toujours, j'ai essayé de peindre différemment
chaque personnage comme un seul: les couleurs et les boucliers sont tous différents. Les cottes de maille ne sont pas parfaites, mais en réalité, c'est quelque chose que j'essaie de peindre de la meilleure façon possible et je ne suis pas encore vraiment satisfait: je vais rechercher et re-chercher, essayer et réessayer ...

15 décembre 2011

some new painting!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy because last evening, I had some time to paint 
a little bit with my beloved daughter!!!!!!!!!!
 It's not exactly  the usual painting I do: 
she need some help (and some material!.... ) for a school work,
so for the first time I had the pleasure to paint ..... 
french fries in 1:1 scale !!!

While  we were both painting, she said:
"it would be nice to paint figures.... do you think that "Mangas ones" exist?"
I don't know, but perhaps some could be found....

(for the Mangas: yes she had a large collection!)

11 décembre 2011

Hobbits 28mm (GW)

...waiting for some "better scale" ones, I'd decided to paint as training and fun 
the Games Workshop'ones that I had...
Here are the results:

.....and to finish, this one:
A repainted "Kinder Surprise" !!
It's a gift from Paul! Many Thanks, my friend!


...en attendant des figurines à une "meilleure échelle»j'ai décidé de peindre pour m'entrainer et pour le "fun" celles de Games Workshop (28mm)  que j'ai ...

08 décembre 2011

.... Hobbits (part 3)

Some news from the Hobbit's front !
Alex did some more :  
Bilbo and the dwarf Thorin "Oakenshield"

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
many and many thanks, Alex, for your marvellous work!


07 décembre 2011

IMEX "Eastern Friendly Indians"

I'm sure that all of you think
"This guy always paint medieval, only medieval!!! 
no, no!!!
I like too this "good old Wild West, man"! and Indians particularly !
To prove it, I show you one work I did some time ago.
As I prefer non fighting poses, peaceful scenes, I choose this set of the specialist of the Wild West figures: IMEX!
I'm not sure it's totally accuracy-correct, but I don't have any problem with that....
Well, look and see!
Some closer pictures:
Je suis sûr que tous vous pensez:
«Ce gars ne peint que du médiéval, seulement du médiéval! Non, non!
J'aime aussi ce «bon vieux Far West,mon gars"! et les Indiens en particulier!
Pour le prouver, je vais vous montrer un travail que j'ai fait il y a quelque temps.
Comme je préfère les poses non-combattantes, des scènes paisibles,
j'ai choisi ce set du spécialiste des figurines du Far West: IMEX!Je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit totalement historiquement-correct,  
mais je n'ai pas de problème avec ça ....

voilà, regardez et voyez!

02 décembre 2011

New sets from KAMAR.

I would like to show you some of the new sets from "KAMAR".
As I told you (and  maybe you had seen some of them here!), 
Andi sculpts and releases very nice sets, so I have the pleasure to show 
his new sets! (they are all in metal)

The first is quite older than the others, but it's really a good one!
(it's a very great Andreas Painting Work !!!!!!!!!)

I love the second one! spectacular and original:

The third is also good and original:
and this set could be useful too (sold without figures!):

The last ones are "Napoleonics" , not my period, so I don't have a real good advice about them!

You can also visit the Gallery : many and many great works!

J'aimerais juste montrer quelques-unes des nouveautés de "KAMAR".
Comme je vous ai dit (et vous en avez peut-être vus ici!), Andi sculpte et fabrique de très bonnes figurines, aussi j'ai le plaisir de vous montrer ses nouvelles séries! (ils sont tous en métal)
Le premier est plus ancien que les autres, mais c'est vraiment un bon!
(j'espère le peindre prochainement....)

J'aime le second! : spectaculaire et original!

Le troisième est également très bien:
Les derniers sont "Napoleonics", vraiment pas ma période
donc je n'ai pas d'avis à leur sujet !