27 février 2012

( Quick)Review IV-APACHE (Waterloo 1815)

I received this week a box of "APACHE" - WATERLOO 1815. 
(see here), so I propose to you a quick review of the set.
I'll not loose my time (and yours!) with the "historically correct": 
I think that Plastic Soldier Review will do that better!

1-the content : 
two identical sprues  of 5 poses (both horses and Apache) + 2 "bonus"
if the number of 12 warriors is correct, 5 poses is not enough!!!

3-those Apache will served for reference:
(you can notice the beautiful "skirt" of the warriors! 
....maybe they are Scottish Apache!)
It's more visible here:

5-so I spend the last night in some work on the horses: cutting the necks of the horses, cutting the "skirts" for having something better and cutting all those b****y "tufts of grass" on the horses bases!!!!

..... I know that it's not perfect, but in a "normal" distance of view, 
it's acceptable!

....And for finishing, what do you think of this leg?


23 février 2012

"In memoriam..."

One month ago, my father died ....
it was a difficult event for me and my family...
Very quickly, I thought that the Valdemar set "Death of the King" could be a good way to honour his memory.
Conny from Fredericus Rex has accepted to send me a set with a special Postage cost: 
many thanks to him!
It's not the complete set I've choose to paint: I've added some other Valdemar's figures  and ignored some of the original set.
The 5 knights represent his 5 sons, the "Hospitaler" above the King (my father) represent all the persons who did their best for trying to cure him.
The colours are not "historically accurate": the blue is because it was his preferred colour and the red because he was a butcher and we all have grown with this colour around us .
The base is very simple: my father was a simple and kindly man.
Now the life must go on but I just want to say that I will never forget him....

Il y a un mois, mon père est mort ....
Ce fut un événement difficile pour moi et ma famille ... 
Très vite, j'ai pensé que l'ensemble Valdemar "Mort du Roi" pourrait être une bonne façon d'honorer sa mémoire. Conny de Fredericus Rex a accepté de me faire parvenir un ensemble avec un coût d'affranchissement spéciale:un grand merci à lui!
Ce n'est pas le set complet que j'ai choisi de peindre: j'ai ajouté quelques autres figurines Valdemar et ignoré une partie de la série originale.
Les 5 chevaliers représentent ses 5 fils, l'Hospitalier au-dessus du roi (mon père) représentent toutes les personnes qui ont fait le meilleur pour essayer de le guérir.
Les couleurs ne sont pas "historiquement exactes": le bleu c'est parce qu'elle était sa couleur préférée et le rouge parce qu'il était un boucher et nous avons tous grandi avec cette couleur autour de nous.
La base est très simple: mon père était un homme simple et bon.
Maintenant, la vie doit continuer, mais je veux juste dire que je ne l'oublierai




17 février 2012

Wild West Duel

... I'd loosed a duel on Benno's forum  ....
Congrats to my friend Gunnar ( Gataskog blog )

This was my entry:


(Advertisement: all the critical and/or kidding comments about the final score of this duel will be deleted.... but if somebody want to support myself for this hard defeat , all the donations can be send: 
just contact the administrator for the details. Thanks!)

15 février 2012


I'd painted the SIOUX
I'd painted the 7th CAVALRY

What could happen after ????????

By chance I found this old photography from an anonymous artist of the 19th century:

A very hard work (and a little bit of technology!) permitted us to show you those "modern" pictures:  

at first, the retouched one which was the base for making the other pictures :

and now all the computer graphics pictures that we can do with it:

Many thanks to all the men (and women!) 
who worked hard on this project!
and I hope that it will very important and useful for our knowledges about this fantastic period of our fantastic history: 
"The Old West Frontier"

 [ Click on a picture to see them all in a slide-show ]


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