05 février 2012

"Kingdom of Heaven" (Valdemar)

It's not a new Valdemar's set!!!
just something I've done with different figures of different set!!!
Saladin is an old figure from the VP serie.
For him I've based the painting on this picture:

Ce n'est pas un nouveau set Valdemar!
juste quelque chose que j'ai fait avec des figurines de différents sets !
Saladin est une figurine de l'ancienne série "VP". 
Pour celui-ci, je me suis basé sur  cette image:

Unfortunately I've ruined a little the figures with the plaster when I've made the vignette!!! (grrr!!!!!): I must find a new way to fix figures on base !!!!

Stop with discourse! 

Malheureusement, j'ai un peu abimé les figurines avec le plâtre quand j'ai fait la vignette! (grrr!!!): Je dois trouver une nouvelle façon de les fixer les sur la base!!

Arrêtons avec le discours!

7 commentaires:

  1. I´m impressed...very impressed!!! Everything looks just right. I have looked carefully but I cannot see where you have ruined them with plaster. The little white marks on Saladin´s front maybe?

  2. Looks great I can't see the plaster problem!

  3. I'm going to paint a few figures myself before Spring comes and I'm trying to decide what I want to paint. I'm beginning to favor horses and flags as I love the ones you and Ray do.

  4. Thanks!
    I've always searched some figures for painting something about one of my best movie!
    With those one, I wanted to represent the scene where Balian meet Saldin for the second time: I know that Saladin is not dressed correctly but no matter!!!
    Plaster problems are mostly important on Balian, but we can't see it on the picture!!
    Another problem is that the base (wood 1cm high!) curved when the plaster was dry!!
    Anyway, I'm satisfied with the rest of the vignette!
    @Anne: horses, flags, great!!! and the rider? don't forget it!! scale? period? And there are many other great painters in the Blog-World!
    Just have a look on my blog-roll!

  5. I know, I have to learn a lot of things. I'll make my final decision based on a historical period I'm interested in. And I'll have the soldiers in there as well. I'd like to do one full regiment. I'm giving myself till April or May to learn and then start painting after that.

  6. It's a great vignette Pascal. I like every detail of it!