30 mai 2020

Games Workshop LoTR : Gandalf and his cart

Hi !
I wanted this set since a long time, but like it is usually expensive set , I didn't buy it.
Some times ago, I found one on ebay for a very good price.
And I've bought it ! (it's a "finecast" set)
[There is also a Mithril Gandalf's cart (with two Hobbit Children !) but the price is very dissuasive ...(more than 100€ !) ]
After I received the packet, I've let it on my desk with the idea to paint it quickly.
I've finished it about one month ago but didn't show it.
Here it is : 

26 mai 2020

LoTR in 1/72 : Who want to Play ?

I've painted some fantasy figures for a small LoTR range ( 22 figures )... I've posted before a W.I.P which can help you for this little "game" !
Well that's simple:
In the (bad) pictures bellow, each figure has a number from 1 to 22.
If you find who they are, you just have to give number = name of the character wich  it supposes to be .
The other pictures can help you .. maybe !
Good game ! ... and Thanks !

(Oh ! I've forgotten to say that there are some traps !) 

the whole range :

more pictures?

and " YOU SHALL NOT PASS !!! " 


22 mai 2020

MITHRIL M194 : Female Bandit

Another Mithril figure, one I like a lot.
The Bandits lived in the Forest of Fangorn before the War of the Ring...

That's all what I can say about this figure !

17 mai 2020

W.I.P. NEED HELP for 1/72 LoTR figures

Hi !

I've started a new Fantasy project.
Like I have some Caesar and WoTR figures, I thought that I maybe could do a "Fellowship"... but I've seen that some other figures of those sets could be good for other characters.
For some of them, it's quite easy to know who they are, but sometimes, I've to choose between 2 figures.
I've also done some minor conversions for  a few figures.

In the pictures bellow, they have a number, so you can give your advices, they will be welcomed !
Many thanks !

 1-Aragorn first option
2-Aragorn second option 

1 and 2 : both options for Aragorn 

4 and 5 : both options for Gimli 
 (The cloak of 5 seems to be a better choice but the beard of the 4 is nice !) 
6- ................................... ?????? (Gondor ?? )

8-Faramir as a Ranger ? 

9- Eowin ? ( conversion of a Caesar Adventurer figure )
10- Faramir's Ranger ? 

 4 figures from the WoTR Boardgame ( I've separated Frodo and Sam)- 
No choice for those ones, I don't have any other option !

14-Pippin (Minas Tirith Guard)
15-Merry (Rohan "Warrior" )

16-Boromir  (I've added a horn ... )

17-Gandalf the White ? 
18-Gandalf the Grey ? 

19- Mounted Nazgul (Valdemar Miniatures : VA119 - Lone Rider) ? 

20-Arwen ? (I've had paper on her left leg because it was too much nude !)
21-Galadriel ?
22-Elrond ? Conversion from a STRELETS Roman Senate with a Caesar Elf head and a paper cloak on back : look those pictures for details : 

I've two other figures that I've painted before ( "Figures of the Dark Side"


Galadriel with the Mirror

That's all folks ! Many thanks for your advices and help !! 

And take of you and be well ...