29 septembre 2012

"In The House of Tom Bombadil" (MITHRIL MV375)

I've finished the vignette!
(for more informations you can read the relative post:
now, Tom has his feather on his hat.... a very difficult choice !
I've some different informations about this feather: a jay one, a swan one or a kingfisher one !
 in "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil":
"Old Tom Bombadil was a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket was and his boots were yellow, green were his girdle and his breeches all of leather, he wore in his tall hat a swan-wing feather . He lived up under Hill, where Withywindle ran from a grassy well down into the dingle."
(many thanks  to Master Thingol and Master Milo of
 Many Mithril Pages , a very good forum for and with MITHRIL fans!)

and :
-a peacock feather in the first version of the poems but Tolkien changed it for a swan one and then tell how he obtain a kingfisher feather to ornament his hat!
Finally I've chosen a Jay one !! I hope that he will be happy!
 (but it was not easy to pick up a feather at this nice guy! fortunately, when he sleep, it's quite easier!)

To finish this post:
I've some more missed scenes to show about the LoTR movies
I planed to do some soon because I've found Mithril and GW figures for that.
.... but...
I think that for "The Hobbit" movie(s), I will have to do the opposite :
paint only the scenes from the Book!
I've decided to stop reading and posting informations the P.J. film because I not sure that I will able to see it in a cinema!

Many thanks to the new followers! I don't forgive you and I will add your blogs as soon as possible in my blog-roll !
And all my apologies for all the bloggers I usually follow: I don't have many time for visits and comments but I will do it , my friends, I will do it.....

23 septembre 2012

Bilbo, Gandalf and The One Ring .... (by Alex)

I don't want to write a lot.... it's unnecessary I think.
just that: in May 2012,  Alex Gussev send me some figures that he had sculpt.... and even if the painting work was almost finished since 5 months, I can't finish because I was afraid that they look ugly! Maybe they are .... but I gave to those "little soldiers" (15 mm for Bilbo!) all my heart.
I hope that Alex will be enough satisfied (I know that he is a really very very nice man!).
(sorry for the ugly Bilbo's legs: they were broken and the gluing was not very good....)
just remember that:
They are the first Gandalf and Bilbo in 1/72 scale !!!!!!!!!

21 septembre 2012

Some pictures...and "The Hobbit" new trailer!

I'll begin with the trailer.....
I would like to know what you think about it :

my opinion:
interesting BUT :
I can't remember (and I've read the Book a lot of time!) all this "action",  those battles and so long !
For me it's a story full of events, but not so "speed" !
Be quite, you Dwarfs and the others !!!!
P.Jackson seems to have done a movie like many Great Productions where the images are most important than the story ... another LoTR !
I can't say that I'm disappointed before I see the movie but I'm a little bit skeptical...
Wait and see!

 mon avis:
intéressant MAIS:
Je ne me souviens pas (et j'ai lu le livre beaucoup de fois!) toute cette "action", ces batailles etc .. !
Pour moi, c'est une histoire pleine d'événements, mais pas si "speed"!
Restez un peu tranquilles, vous les Nains et les autres!!
P.Jackson semble avoir fait un film comme beaucoup de grandes productions où les images sont les plus importants que l'histoire ... un autre SdA!

Je ne peux pas dire que je suis représenté avant de voir le film, mais je suis encore un peu sceptique.

Wait and see!

Something different and a little bit more calm :
"Le Pont-Colombier" of  Veyrac (87) France - XVII century 
 (own pictures)
It's an unique monument in France. The upon part was used for the carrier pigeons. He's over a small river and it's a very nice building. Some peaceful "limousine" cows live in all the grasslands around.

 C'est un monument unique en France. La partie supérieure était utilisée pour les pigeons voyageurs(colombier). Il est sur ​​une petite rivière et c'est un  très joli édifice. De pacifiques vaches limousine paissent dans toutes les prairies autour.

...... and now, it's time to some painting because I didn't since more than a week!!!!

14 septembre 2012


They are painted,
They have been shooting,
They are waiting for their last destination!

Before I send them in the Walhala of the Figures
I can't resist to show them here one last time!
I've made some "sceneries" for the fun and some closed pictures for memory.
I've used the Mauther paper-card model "Castle in Ruins" (unfinished! shame on me!) as background.

.....and the most important figure of the range!!! 
(a "special Jay" one !):

(for Jay and Anne (Anne's Attic one other post exist here: "Wild West Duel" !)

That's finished... but you will see them soon (?) in their new home!
(can have a look at this post )