29 mai 2012

MITHRIL : "The Fellowship of the Ring" (unpainted!!) and a question about the blog....

I just want to show us a small set I've bought on e-bay (14€ !!!!)
A  complete box, new !
I hope that I'll paint them soon.... (I'm dreaming!).
I love those Mithril miniatures: they have a particularly pretty look!
(... and I've bought some others which are awesome!... I will do a short review as soon I've them...)

Je veux juste vous montrer un petit set que j'ai acheté sur e-bay (14 !!)
Une boîte complète, neuve! 
J'espère que je vais les peindre bientôt .... (Je rêve!).
J'aime ces miniatures Mithril: elles ont un look particulier! 
(... Et j'en ai acheté quelques autres qui sont géniales! ... Je ferai une brève revue dès que je les aurai reçues ...)

I've too a question for you:
do you read my replies at your comments? 
if yes, how do you do ? (e-mail subscribe for example?.. other ways?)
 Do you think that it's useful for you or nice or superfluous or ......
Could it be better to reply at the next post, especially for the questions?

J'ai aussi une question pour vous:
lisez-vous mes réponses à vos commentaires?
si oui, comment faites-vous? (abonnement
e-mail par exemple? .. autres moyens?)
Est-ce que vous trouvez que c'est utile ou sympa ou inutile (!) ou....
Serait-ce mieux de répondre au post suivant, en particulier pour les questions?


27 mai 2012

STRELETS Conversion US Cavalry

A short post to show what I've tried to do with a  
Strelets "Australian Lancers".
I've taken one rider and cut some parts with a scalpel and I did the same with a horse: nothing very difficult!

I'm not sure that it's sufficing but it could be acceptable, I don't know!
If it works, I think that it could be better with a head swap for example with a STRELETS US Cavalry
The painting is a quick one, not a real work on it.

Un court message pour montrer ce que j'ai essayé de faire avec un STRELETS "Australian Lancers"
J'ai pris un cavalier et j'ai coupé quelques parties avec un cutter et j'ai fait la même chose avec un cheval: rien de très difficile!
Je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit suffisant , mais ça pourrait être acceptable, je ne sais pas!
Si cela fonctionne, je pense que ça pourrait être mieux avec un échange de la tête par exemple avec celle d'un STRELETS "US Cavalry"
La peinture est un peu rapide, pas un gros travail!

23 mai 2012

Woodman! (VALDEMAR)

a small vignette I did for a duel against Gunnar (Susofrick) on Benno's forum
The rule was: "Single Valdemar peaceful figure"
I like Gunnar's work! the light is perfect one the head and the hands!
I'm sure that he will show it soon in his blog Gataskog (link ) !


22 mai 2012

10 000 !!!!!!!!

WOW !! 
that's great ! just a little bit more than 10000 page views !!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to all my blogs friends!
I'm happy and surprised that my humble work could be so interesting for you!

20 mai 2012

COWBOYS !!!!!!!!!! (Part 2)

.... the question was:

.... and the answer is:

Bad guys, is not it ???

Congratulations to Paul ("Paul's Bods" ) who was the first to give the name of the set:
STRELETS  "Boers" and "Mounted Boers"
They are very fine sets with some surprising figures and a lot of possibilities!
I didn't paint them all (44 on foot and 12 mounted!) but I can't say yet which I'll use and for what .... (because I don't know!!!)

I want also thanks all the visitors of my blog and especially all those who take time to let a comment!
I'm thinking to do a review of almost all my preferred blogs that I follow....


17 mai 2012

COWBOYS !!!!!!!!!! (PART 1)

A new work I've done with a little range of figures.
I don't say which is the Manufacturer and the set because I think that it could be interesting that you find it !!
I used the "(no-name yet!) Saloon"  (see here) for the scenery.

Un nouveau travail que j'ai fait avec une petite série de figurines.
Je ne dis pas qui est le fabricant et le set parce que je pense qu'il pourrait être intéressant de vous permettre de le trouver!!
J'ai utilisé le "(sans nom encore!) Saloon" (voir ici) pour le décor.

WHAT ARE THEY WAITING ????............ 

TO FOLLOW.........

09 mai 2012

Part II "GIVE ME THE ONE RING, BILBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Mithril 28mm)

.... well after the Part I, it's time to show the Part II of this story!
Another  vignette in 28mm (Mithril announced 30mm but in fact the figures are a little bit smaller than the GW ones)
It is a complete scene in a box with the figures, the base, the background  and the accessories: just to paint and glue !!

A little trip at Versailles and Chartres....

During Eastern Holidays, we had a little trip (2 days) for visiting the Castle of Versailles and the Chartres Cathedral .

The visit of Versailles took us a very few time because my daughter was very sick and we had to go to the Hospital !!

I don't like a lot what I've seen of Versailles: too much gold and stuck and the "Gallerie des Glaces" loose all his interest when you are stuck in the crowd and don't have the possibility  to see it entirely.

 Pendant les vacances de Pâques, nous avons eu un petit voyage (2 jours) pour visiter le château de Versailles et la cathédrale de Chartres.
La visite de Versailles a duré très peu de te
mps très parce que ma fille était très malade et nous avons dû aller à l'hôpital!
Je n'aime pas beaucoup ce que j'ai vu de Versailles: trop d'or et de stuc et la "Gallerie des Glaces" perd tout son intérêt lorsque vous êtes pris au milieu de la foule et que vous n'avez pas la possibilité de la voir entièrement.

I liked the painted ceilings and the "Chapelle Royale"

That's all what I've seen of the Gardens!  
C'est tout ce que j'ai vu des Jardins!

I really liked the Chartres Cathedral !
It's a superb building and I felled better here than in Versailles! 

Beautiful stained glass:

 and so much more! 

They had begun to clean the interior and it will be a really beautiful Cathedral:

It's very pleasant to walk in the city: you can see some nice lanes landscapes or even buildings..

and sometimes you have some surprises like those old beer bottles:

 or even that: (just for Peter!)