29 avril 2020


A recent addition to my MITHRIL range ...
And also the #56 Hobbit that I've painted (including conversions )

But who is "Tobold Hornblower" ??  ... he's an important Hobbit of the SHIRE !

Toby came from Longbottom in the Southfarthing of The Shire. He was the first to cultivate pipe-weed in the Shire, and was quite famous for it. How he came by the weed is unknown, for to his dying day he would not tell, though Merry Brandybuck speculated that he had travelled to Bree in his youth and came into contact with the herbs there. 
(source : Tolkien Gateway )

Traduction en français :
 Toby était originaire de Longoulet  dans le Quartier Sud de La Comté. Il a été le premier à cultiver de l’herbe à pipe, et était très célèbre pour cela. La façon dont il a eu connaissance de cette herbe est inconnue, car jusqu'à son dernier jour, il n'a pas voulu pas le révéler, bien que Merry Brandebouc spéculait qu’il avait voyagé à Bree dans sa jeunesse et il y était entré en contact avec les herbes.

Not completely satisfied with my paint-work but I can't do better... 
My Old eyes for old Toby ... not a perfect couple ! 

26 avril 2020

Mounted Nazgul : Mithril M146 (and with M349)

I've added a new Ringwraith (Nazgul) to my range of painted Mithril Figures :

M146 : "Mounted Nazgul"

So much dark ... but it seems that I'm in a dark mood those days ...

I've painted another similar figure recently :
Mithril M349 : "Ringwraith in The Shire" 

Both figures together :

No !!  this way !! stupid guy !

Turn to the left !

Never pass on my left side fucking guy !!!

He's stupid ! ...  do you agree with me ? 

All comments are welcome ! 
Thanks for taking time to stop here for a few minutes ... 

24 avril 2020

Dark Mage with Female Orc Maiden (Dark Alliance)

While I was checking my pictures, I realized that I didn't show those figures from Dark Alliance painted in November 2019 ... (just before the Pandemic starts in China ...)

Well, it's just a Mage ( or Wizard or sorcerer OR Magician or whatever you want ) which is supposed to be a kind of Saruman.
For the female Orc, well it's the only one I know in 1/72 (MITHRIL has done some in 32mm scale).
And no, I've not painted the other figures of this set...

I've painted many figures in the past weeks, so I have a lot to show in the next posts... stay home !

23 avril 2020

" My Precioussssss.... Gollum ! "

Different variations of a  repainted Kinder Surprise LoTR figure.
The roll is home made with real Toilet Paper..

21 avril 2020

Another Hobbit ...Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger - MITHRIL

I've forgotten this "little" fellow last time ( so he didn't go to the picnic .. poor Fatty... it's so sad !)

He had an important rule in the Lord of The Rings Books (The Fellowship of the Ring ): 

".. After hearing that Frodo was pursued by the Black Riders, Fatty was given the option to flee with the others into the Old Forrest, which however didn't seem more inviting to him (although Merry tried to persuade him that the Riders were far more terrifying than the stories about the Old Forest). Fredegar therefore opted to remain behind as a decoy for the Nazgûl and as a messenger for Gandalf in case he showed up..."
(Tolkien Gateway)

.... And also at the end of The Return of the King in the penultimate chapter... but I can't tell you what happened ... 

Some more figures are coming !

08 avril 2020

Going to a picnic with Hobbits ... an unexpected party ! (Mithril)

I think that the title is enough... 
no more words, let the pictures speaking ... 

all the figures are MITHRIL 32mm except the Pony (Grenadier ?)
from left to right : 
Nob (from LR31) - Pony (Bill ) - Sam ( LR23) - Merry (LR24) - Frodo (LR23) - Pippin (LR24)

01 avril 2020


Hi !
the last Hobbits fighters conversions are finished ...
For the moment, I don't know if I will do other ones: I've no ideas !
I've now a good Hobbit army with the "old" ones I've painted some years ago..

I've also painted other Hobbits but I will show them in a next post.
My whole collection of Mithril Hobbits count over 60 figures and 3 ponies.

I'm now finishing another project in 1/72 scale but I need some time to see the end of this one.
Possibly, I will paint other Mithril figures because it's difficult for me to work on an unique project.

Let's go for some pictures !



The whole army :