22 février 2015

HUNS ! - ( HAT 8298 ) **** Painted Review ****

I don't paint a lot all the past weeks...
I've just finished to paint the set "Huns" from HAT ( PSR Link ).
Not a great set !

3 sprues of 5 riders each with 3 separate arms which allow multiple  combinations.... but ....
only 4 horses for 5 riders ! (total of the box : 15 riders + 12 horses ). No comment.

The sculpt is half-bad (or half-good, it depends of your mood).
The faces are ... err.... "notsculpted" ! (it's a good excuse for a lazy face-painter like me)
The details on the figures are mainly ... missing ?
( and it's 8/10 on PSR !!!!!!!!! they have never paint figures !!!
mold is 10/10 : easy when there is almost nothing to mold !! )

The poses are not bad but I recommend to try to put the riders on the horses and eventually use a kraft-knife before painting the figures  because they don't seat well on the saddles !( I've always believed that Huns were excellent riders... pfffffff.... sad but I was wrong ... )

They are too tall (look at the last pictures at the bottom for comparison with the Lucky Toys "Black Huns" ), so don't expect to mix them !

No comment about the soft Hat-Plastic ... (I hate the hat-plastic, he he !)

One good point : I like the general look of those figures with their warm clothes.
But: could someone explain to me why those guys seem don't wear muffles as all right-in-the-head men should wear in their extreme conditions of life ???? 
I propose to do a donation for the sculptors (they are a lot !) which allows them to have some days of vacancies in Siberia ! (with horses, so they could see in the same time how are horses !) 

... well , I've painted them....
for the first time, I've used (a little!) Citadel paints and I can say that it's not for me : it don't work with my usual "rustic-style" ! 

Pictures ? 

Ok ! 

Let's go !

Comparison between a Hat - Huns and a Lucky-Toys - Black Huns (PSR Link)


11 février 2015

"INTERROGATION.... " (Medieval Inquisition)- KAMAR FIGUREN -( WARNING : nude figure !)

Another set about the medieval inquisition (the other one, from Valdemar is here: part 1 & part 2 ).
Painted last year ....
Difficult to show pictures with nude figure... but it's just a figure !
(link :  Kamar Figuren )
The colours of the priests are not very accurate ...oups !

(the base is a new one ... just a part , not finished yet but on the way !)

04 février 2015

"Dark-Ages Army on the March"- KAMAR Figuren

Hi ! First post of the year with my first painted figures of 2015 ...
I've this set since a long time and like I was in a Medieval period... well... I've painted it !

Like Andreas Brüggemann  (Kamar Figuren) said : it's a generic army, good for a lot of periods and situations.
I've not really chosen one ! they could be Anglo-Saxons .... Vikings in a raid ?

The pictures are good enough for a banal painting work ...

.... the base is a new one too !