21 décembre 2014

The Monks of the Month wish you a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!! "

With the help of my "Friends",
I wish you a 
 Merry Christmas 
 full of happiness and all those stuffs ... 

with special thoughts for 
The Captain Richard and his family ...
I will never forgot him...
(link to his blog)

16 décembre 2014

Painting Table Monday !

Hi ! It's quite a long time (a few days ...) that I've not been seating in front of my painting table but I've finished some new things and begun some others ...

I want also apologize for my poor participation in the blogosphere but I'm very busy and have many small problems in the real life which are "time-eaters". I will be more present in the next weeks, I hope.

some quick pictures(of a return in the medieval time!) :
-"Interrogation" (KAMAR) finished
-"Inquisition" (VALDEMAR) finished
-"Guards Resting" (VALDEMAR) on progress
-"Guards on duty " (VALDEMAR) on progress
+ 2 dogs on progress
+ 2 Monks finished
more details coming soon... 

I've no special project for all those figures.... it seems that my main desire is to paint figures and wait for ideas ...

I've also "sculpted" some oars in coffee-sticks for my different oarsmen !

see you soon!

11 décembre 2014

(LIGHT) ALLIANCE FANTASY : "Dwarves" set 1 completed

In 2013, I've painted 2 figures of this set and like I've recently painted the Set 2 (here), I was thinking that it was a good thing to complete the set 1!
This nice set of 11 poses is quite pleasant to paint and  fit perfectly with the set 2, except that the sculpt is a little bit less precise.

 The whole set :

Back of the 9 new dwarves: 

Closer pictures !

Left : Set 1 - Right : set 2

07 décembre 2014


This "Dwarven Adventurer on Pony" was previously painted for "Dwarvember" ... it's a little bit to late !
It's not really a common MITHRIL figure, and it was quite difficult to find it, but I've 2 yet, one unpainted, and this one painted !
A very nice figure in my opinion, I like it !