21 juin 2012

"HUNTING PARTY" and Blogs-Review (Part II)

just a small work I've done sometime ago....

for the figures, not difficult!
-The dog is an AIRFIX one
-The buffalo an ATLANTIC one
-.... and the hunter is ..... ?????? 
(if you find the set, just let a comment!)


I'll continue my "Blog Review" 
(The Part I is here: "link")
First my "old" friend Gunnar (Gataskog):
I hope that he will forgive me because I've missed him in the Part I!
he's an "Old West" fan and his blog is full of ideas and very nice works!

Second: Anne (Anne's Attic): a blog of an Irish Woman who loves wargamers and minis-painters and just started to paint with a very good art!
(unfortunately, she didn't post actually and it's not a good sign... if anybody have some news to give me, I will be happy ! )

 and also:
Bunkermeister (Bunker Talk) a very interesting miniatures blog with many unusual subjects!
Ralfus (Flintlock and tomahawk) an "encyclopaedia blog" about "American warfare 1690-1815 in popular culture, art, in miniature and in wargames, through Living History and in movies." !
Kiril/BlioRay (Models and Miniatures) who describe his blog like this:" My hobby are modelling, miniatures and wargames. My favourite era is Antiquity. " 
Andrew J. McCory  (Random&Creative)  a very  good minis-painter  with some unusual posts... 
Dario ( Dariusz caballeros)  a mine of infos about :
" Equine history, especially Polish, Eurasian and American horsemanship and its history - from Bronze Age to the end of the American Indian Wars...... etc..." 
The Mad Hamster's Modelling a blog with marvellous works from a great young woman !

to be followed.............

And all my apologizes because I don't visit and comment your blogs actually:
I have a lot of work, don't have time to paint and ...
....I've got a new computer and I spend many time for
bring back all my documents and links from the old one!
(but it's a pleasure to have this new computer:  it's quicker and it don't crash all the time!)

16 juin 2012


It's another W.I.P. but this time, I'm not very far of the end!
I've finished the part II of the dio: all is painted!
I've the ground and the scenery to but I don't think that it will take me so much time!

C'est un autre Travail en cours. mais cette fois, je ne suis pas très loin de la fin!
J'ai terminé la partie II du  DIO : tout est peint!
J'ai le sol et le paysage à faire mais je ne pense pas que cela me prendra beaucoup de temps!

13 juin 2012

W.I.P. Knights Resting (VALDEMAR) and "Castle Ruins" (PAPERMAU)

Some quick shots of 2 works, almost finished but not completely !.....
The Knights: 
they could be seen like Templars Knights!
they come from the set: Valdemar "Mounted Knights Resting (FREDERICUS-REX)
I've used one figure of this set for "After The Battle"  , 
and there is another one I didn't used yet.
The problem with this set is the number of horses poses: only 3 for 7 different knights! it's not enough!
then, I've chosen 5 knights and the 3 horses poses for a project that I would like to call: 
" Where's my horse ????!!!!!!"

I've  put them on the first part of the "Castle Ruins" from Mauther (Papermau):
a very nice Paper-card model! (but not finished yet....!)
(it's also a good way to see the scale of the Castle: it seems to be good for 1/72 !)


 Quelques photos rapides de 2 travaux, presque terminés, mais pas completement !! ...
Les Chevaliers pourraient être vus comme des Templiers! 
ils viennent du set:
 Valdemar "Mounted Knights Resting (FREDERICUS-REX)
J'ai utilisé une figurine de ce set pour 
"After The Battle"  ,  
et il y en a une autre que je n'ai pas encore utilisée. 
Le problème avec ce set est le nombre de poses pour les chevaux : seulement 3 pour 7 chevaliers différents!  ça ne suffit pas!

donc choisi 5 chevaliers et les 3 poses de chevaux  pour un projet que je voudrais appeler:
«Où est mon cheval???!!"

Je les ai posés sur la première partie de
"Castle Ruins" from Mauther (Papermau):   un très beau modèle en papier ! (mais que je n'ai pas encore fini ....!)
(c'est aussi une bonne façon de voir l'échelle du château: il semble être bon pour le 1/72!)

09 juin 2012


Recently, I've done some conversions on STRELETS horses (see here: link ) but I wanted to know  exactly how they look painted.
I've chosen  to paint 2 Templars Knights: I'm not very satisfied with the white (humm, that's strange.......) and honestly, I paint more easily black than white..

Récemment, j'ai fait quelques conversions sur des chevaux Strelets (voir ici: lien) mais je voulais savoir exactement ce à quoi elles ressemblent peintes.
J'ai choisi de peindre deux Templiers: Je ne suis pas très satisfait avec le blanc (humm, c'est étrange .......) et honnêtement, je peins plus facilement le noir que le blanc ..
I'll continue my review of the blogs that I follow but another day: my pc is dying  and it take  too many time for doing something good!
You can always have a look at my blog-roll.... thanks!

07 juin 2012

Garden, Roses, and Blogs!

It could the tittle of a song, or of a book, or of a movie.... but no!
it's just a little post in a little blog!
 ça  pourrait être le titre d'une chanson, ou d'un livre, ou d'un film .... mais non!
c'est juste un petit post dans un petit blog!

FIRST: Garden!
Some pictures of my garden: not a "clean" garden without unwanted weeds, no, no! it's more and more a free garden, where the plants can grow up as they like and .... as they can!
It's Sam's Garden and it is like him....
 Quelques photos de mon jardin: pas un jardin «clean» sans mauvaises herbes indésirables, non, non! c'est de plus en plus un jardin libre, où les plantes peuvent grandir comme elles aiment  et comme elles peuvent!
C'est le jardin de Sam et il lui ressemble!

SECOND: Roses !
The Garden is full of rose-trees, I think that it could be actually over 200, but I've stop to count them!
I have some Modern roses( very few!) and a lot of Ancient and Botanic Roses....
No "English Roses", because they don't exist ! (The only ones who are called like that are only Modern roses! The only ones which could be named like that are some Hybrids of Moshata created in the beginning of XX by the Reverend Pemberton in England...)

Le jardin est plein de rosiers, je pense que cela pourrait être en fait plus de 200, mais j'ai arrêter de les compter!
J'ai des roses modernes (très peu!) Et un beaucoup de Roses anciennes et botaniques ...
Pas de "Roses Anglaises", parce qu'elles n'existent pas! (Ceux qui sont appelés comme ça ne sont que des roses modernes! Les seuls qui pourraient être nommées comme ça sont des hybrides de Moschata créés dans le début du XXe Century par le révérend Pemberton en Angleterre....)

THIRD: Blogs!
I've always thought that it could be nice and interesting to give here  some light on some of the blogs of the followers of mine...
It's difficult to choose because you're a lot, and each one is interesting!
I'll begin the review with the faithful members (better to say: "friends" ?) who often post comments:

Special Mentions for Paul (Paul's Bods) and Peter (Peter's Cave) who were the most important friends who pushed me forwards in the Hobby! Their blogs are very interesting and different: I can't imagine that some of you ignore them!

Then the "Blog-Busters" who are Fran( The Angry Lurker)  and Ray ( Don't throw a 1) : it's not necessary to do a presentation!

Many thanks  to
Bruno (Lonewolf's Welten)  beautiful blog with beautiful figures and beautiful photos... and a very nice man!

Michele (Michigentile's MicroWorld) a newbie in the Blog's World but a genius dio-maker!
Scott  (I LIKE the things I LIKE!) I like the things HE like! creation with 54mm figures! so funny that you must read the blog each morning  before going to work!

french blogger and very good painter, creator of buildings, bases, etc...;

The young but promising Gowan ( Gowan's 1/72 scale models)
he create his own "play-alone" game and it's very interesting !
Jay (Jay's Miniature Enterprises)  I can't describe his work but it's fantastic, funny, inventive and more!
Mauther (Papermau) : a lot of free Paper-models: some  are very good for miniatures! (buildings, etc....)

David "Duke Atreides" (Marechal a 1:72)  a Franck Herbert 'Dune" 's fan , like me!

Phil ( Association - Les Riflemen) a french blogger!!

Garou  (Fig-Garou-Magazine)  a french  blog about a very interesting game (and the figures which go with!) called "Drachenland"

Mickael Awdry (28mm Victorian Warfare) indescribable  but always surprising!

(Kingsleypark's Wargaming Menagerie):  a real  passionate "wargamer"

Samuel ( Diorama empire)Napoleonic fan, but nevertheless he's a very nice guy! (and he's french!)

THE Captain!  (Captain Richard's Miniature Civil War) if you want to see the better world of ACW, it's here! 

Pryzmek (histofigsy)  a great painter!

J'ai toujours pensé que ça pourrait être sympa et intéressant de donner ici un peu de lumière sur quelques-uns des blogs des fidèles "adeptes" de Sam's Minis World ...
Il est difficile de choisir parce que vous êtes beaucoup, et chacun d'eux est intéressant!
Je vais commencer la revue avec les membres fidèles (mieux de dire:? "Amis") qui, postent des commentaires:
Mentions spéciales pour
Paul (Paul's Bods) et Peter (Peter's Cave) qui sont les amis les plus importants qui m'ont poussés vers l'avant dans le Hobby! Leurs blogs sont très intéressants et différents: je ne peux pas imaginer que certains d'entre vous les ignorent encore!
Ensuite: les "Blog-Busters"
:Fran ( The Angry Lurker)  and Ray ( Don't throw a 1): nul besoin de les présenter!
Merci à tous les autres cités ci-dessus!