28 novembre 2014

BUM : " Whaling-Boat - Rogers Rangers " and some news of the front ...

Hi ! in the past weeks, I've finished a few projects which had invaded my painting-table.... and since, I've begun some others !
The figures of  ALLIANCE "Dwarves" (set 1) were not all been painted (2 or 3 only painted last year for "Orctober"), that's almost done now and I will show them very soon.
I've decided also to paint some medieval sets... and they are on the good way, but it's still a secret !
Some monks are on the finish line for the Monk of the Month' challenge...
I'm finishing too the buildings IV and V of the Old West Town.

But the set that I will show you this time is quite rare one, because the new BUM sets are not common and ... expensive !
I was very interested by the Whaleboat: unusual subject I think.
It could be surprising to see such a boat with Rogers Rangers (AWI), but maybe it's possible?
I didn't search historical informations about that... (lazy man I am!)
Like often, I don't know what I will do with this set... but I'm sure that I will find something in the future: we always need a whaleboat as you know !
In the mean time, it's another ship to add at my collection, not a bad deal in fact.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, let's see the pictures !!
(Like you see, I've some problems with the oars ; those which are with the set are unusable ! I'm doing some oars in wood !)

Salut! dans les dernières semaines, j'ai terminé quelques projets qui avaient envahi ma table de peinture .... et depuis, j'en ai commencé quelques autres!
Les figurines ALLIANCE "Nains" (set 1) n'ont pas toutes été peintes l'année dernière (juste 2 ou 3 pour "Orctober"), c'est presque terminé maintenant et je vais les montrer très bientôt.
J'ai décidé aussi de peindre quelques sets médiévaux ... et ils sont en bonne voie, mais c'est encore un secret!
Certains moines sont sur la ligne d'arrivée pour le
challenge "Moine du  Mois" ...
Je termine également les bâtiments IV et V de l'Old West Town.
Mais le set que je vais vous montrer aujourd'hui est assez rare, parce que les nouveaux sets de BUM ne sont pas communs et ... chers!
J'étais très intéressé par la baleinière: sujet insolite je pense.
Il pourrait être surprenant de voir un tel bateau avec des Rogers Rangers (AWI), mais peut-être que c'est possible?
Je n'ai pas cherche d'informations historiques à ce sujet ... (paresseux je suis!)
Comme souvent, je ne sais pas ce que je vais faire avec ça... mais je suis sûr que je vais trouver quelque chose à l'avenir: on a toujours besoin d'une baleinière comme vous savez!
Dans le même temps, c'est un autre navire à ajouter à ma collection, pas une mauvaise affaire en fait.

Et maintenant, Mesdames et Messieurs, voyons ces photos !!
(Comme vous pouvez voir, j'ai toujours quelques problèmes avec les rames; celles qui sont avec le set sont inutilisables! Je fais des rames en bois ....)

22 novembre 2014

"Western Town" Buildings I, II and III

3/5 ! (the 2 others are waiting that I accept to finish them .. just gluing the parts ! )
They still don't have names or functions but they will have !
Manufacturer : Thomas Förstmann (own page) , available here : Kay FÜRMANN Miniatures
I've tried to take some pictures with figures for the scale ...

TF WST 002

TF WST 001

TF WST 015




14 novembre 2014

"(LIGHT) ALLIANCE" : DWARVES (set 2) #72008 -Painted Review

After the "Half-Orcs", the "Orcs", it's time to show the "DWARVES" !

I could painted them in Tartan dress  because of the Bagpiper !
so I could have named them "Scottish Dwarves" !

Pictures are better than a lot of blabla ... and I don't know what to say about this set!
just: it's a good set, with very dynamic figures.... I like them !

If you are interested, one picture to compare the Alliance Dwarves and the Caesar Dwarves:

and to finish this post and this first serie of the ALLIANCE Fantasy range, a picture of the Big Band which  is the specialist of  
"Orck&Troll Music"


(on the flag, you can read "We Play The Best Music Over the World" )

12 novembre 2014

"'(Dark) ALLIANCE" : ORCS (set 3) #72003 -Painted Review

I've finished to paint the "Orcs" set 3 of the Fantasy Range from Alliance.

It's the same style than the sets 1 et 2 (I didn't still paint them) with a surprising "female orc" !

For more details on this set, better to go to "Cheap Fantasy Minis"

I've just painted the figures at all !

coming soon : 
-Old West Buildings (3/5 finished, maybe 5/5 in the next days ...)
-BUM Whaling Boat (Roger Rangers)

09 novembre 2014

"'(Dark) ALLIANCE" : HALF-ORCS Infantry #72016 (set 2) -Painted Review -

I've painted one the new Fantasy sets from ALLIANCE :
the Half-Orcs Infantry (2)... I don't know why the "2" before the "1"... 

1- the whole "band" : 
the poses are not too bad but have a little bit too much almost similar poses and the sculpt is quite flat like says 1Mac -Mike (Orcs set 3 review : "Cheap Fantasy Figures" ).
No surprise about the inspiration...

With closer pictures :
The "static poses": the standard-bearer  and the musicians :

The Shooting Uruks: only 1 archer, not a lot ! maybe there will be other ones in the next sets ?

The Fighting Uruks : almost similar poses ...

and the whole set again in a more "lively" picture :

About the painting work : not great, but not bad for me (oups!) : not easy to find colours for almost dark characters ! I've tried to forget the greenish skin with a more grey one and I have added some touches of bronze and copper mixed with grey.

Like I've said before, I'm painting 2 other ALLIANCE sets  :
ORCS (set 3)  #72003  and Dwarves (set 2) #72008
They are 90% finished, so I will post them very soon.
A small "teaser" : 

I've seen that some new sets are at the retailers so I will have to go to the market !
I wish you a nice Sunday and a good week.

05 novembre 2014


I've missed "Orctober" ... is it too late to post some pictures of those nice guys ?? 

so I've finished in "ORCTOBER" those MITHRIL figures :

I've tried to have a "not-too-green" skin-colour ... but it's not easy !
I've done a soft-brushing with light grey for the final highlighting:
What do you think about the result ?

1- M101 "Orcs Serfs" (Misty Mountains) :

2- M335 : "Snagas" : (orcs from Cirith Ungol  ) :
I've not put the shields... I was thinking that it was not necessary !
Your opinion ?

....and coming soon :
Dwarves for Dwarvember ! (maybe in  December ... !)

01 novembre 2014


I've finished to paint some "beauties" which could take place in my Western Town.
1- a set from "RF-Figures" (HAGEN : link  )

2- a set of "Confederate ladies" ... but I can't find the manufacturer (just that they come from Hagen again... )

Coming soon : .... Mounties, Orcs, Western Buildings, Pirates Ship ...