28 octobre 2014

"Caribbean Flamenco" (Pirate from Germania Figuren).... and UPDATES !

Hi! this is a single figure that I've painted with the other of the sets "Pirates of the Caribbean " (=>here).
I've used it for a little work for the 40th Competition on Benno's Forum .
I've won the Bronze Brush ! Very surprising for me because the level was high...
Thanks to all those who have voted for me and congrats to all the participants, especially for Konrad ( Golden Brush ) who beat me easily in the first turn !

... and now UPDATES !
1- refer to my post "   I'm crazyyyyyyyyyy !?? That's ok ! I'm not mad and it seems that it's normal to have a lot of projects at the same time ! Thanks for your support gents ! 
Since, I've finished some and now I've a lot of posts to do .... for example:
-"Beauties of the West"
-"Walling boat"
-"Mithril Orcs"
-some more "mounties"
-and the finished buildings of my future "Wild West Town"
So stay tuned !
(Of course, I've started new projects but it will be a surprise !)

2-Refer  to my post  "Tombstone",  I've done some searches about the story of the Earps, Doc Holliday and the clans Clanton et McLaury all represented in the 3 sets. 
If all those characters have really existed, the story of the gunfight of Ok Corral has inspired a lot of films like "My darling Clementine (John Ford 1946) , "Gunfight at OK Corral" (John Sturges 1957),
Cheyenne Autumn (John Ford 1964), ....., "Tombstone" (Georges Pan Cosmatos 1993) , Whyatt Earp (Laurance Kasdan 1994)... 

The poster of the film "Tombstone" and my pictures (I've painted the figures without it but with the pictures of Germania Figuren ) :

no comment ...


22 octobre 2014


Like it seems that I'm in a "normal madness" (look here ), I've done some shots (!) of one the finished project !
They are figures sculpted by Massimo for Germania Figuren : 2 sets (look here and here ).
I've painted other sets of this serie : "Cowboys at the Trail" and "Cowboys!"  .
I like them a lot and I'm waiting the new sets that I've ordered recently ( + 3 sets to paint !!! ).

and now : Pictures !!!!!!!!!!!! 
(note: just the figures, the scenery and background is on the way... )

I'm crazyyyyyyyyyy ! ??

Hi ! This evening I was painting and suddenly , I've realized that I have no more place on my tables !!
So I've decided to make a review of what was on them ...
So far, all is well, you think, that's normal ... 


... I've listed all the projects, finished or not :
16 !!! (without the new sets and projects waiting somewhere!) 

they are :
-Monks for "Monkth Challenge" (2 on the way., 10+ primed or begun..)
-Orcs for "Orctober" (2 couples begun, 1 set in the box..)
-Dwarves for "Dwarvember" (2 projects, one begun and one on the box!)
-Ship for "Pirates Islands" (finished, waiting for pictures)
-Whaling ship and pontoon + figures (almost finished, just oars to find or scratchbuild)
-Tombstone figures (2 sets finished, waiting for pictures)
-Old West women (2 small sets, finished, waiting for pictures)
- 5 West Town buildings : 2 finished (waiting pictures ... ), 2 started and  1 waiting for place on the desk!
-Market accessories (almost finished)
-Mounties (almost finished....)

That's crazy, is not it ? 
Do you think  that I'm mad, or is it normal ? 

02 octobre 2014

Monk of the Month (September) !!!

I've forgotten to post my monthly Monk !

This one is a STRELETS one from "Crusader Transport 2" (PSR link)

That's all folks !!