04 juin 2020

MITHRIL : Rangers of Ithilien M378 and m379

Two others Mithril figures :

M378 : Mablung Firing Bow

M379: Ranger loading arrow 

(Mablung is one of the faithful Ranger of  Faramir when he "hunt" against Southern Warriors in the Ithilien, in the boarders of the Gondor's Kingsdom.
in the Mithril shop, we can read :
 "The Rangers of Ithilien, also known as the Rangers of the South and Rangers of Gondor, were an elite group of the Southern Dúnedain warriors who scouted in and guarded the land of Ithilien.
During the War of the Ring, the Rangers of Ithilien were led by Captain Faramir, and some of its members included Anborn, Damrod, and Mablung."

Both in book and movie, that's  the place where they captured Frodo and Sam and later, Gollum... you know what happened next ...)

For the anecdote, I've glued the Mablung's arm wrong . the bow is supposed to be horizontal !
Maybe it's why it was not easy to do ...

Some more Rangers will follow in the next weeks :
M377: Faramir 
M386 : Ranger Swordsman 
and if find it :
M380: Damrod running 

This afternoon, I've modified my small Mithril / LoTR Showcase and:
1- I don't have a lot of free places yet for the new ones which are coming (!)
2- I've painted about 60 Hobbits, 45 other races, 5 ponies ... (+ some GW LoTR ...)

After the Hobbits, the Dwarves , a Wizard and the Humans , of course, next ones will be Elves !

03 juin 2020

MITHRIL 32mm : M160 ~ Dwarven Alchemist ~ LoTR

Hi !
I've finished some days ago  6 Mithril figures :
Sylvan Elves : M70 and M71
Rangers of Ithilien : M378 and M379
Dwarves : here : M111 Dwarvish Scout 

I continue with M160, a Dwarven Alchemist .
What to say about ? ...
it's an alchemist and it's also a dwarf ...
That's all !

Pictures !

both dwarves together  ...
Once upon a time, somewhere in The Iron Hills,  a Dwarvish Scout who meets an Alchemist.
And this alchemist was also a dwarf ...

*** to be continue ...***

02 juin 2020

MITHRIL 32mm : M111 Dwarvish Scout ~ LoTR

Hi !
I've finished yesterday night 6 Mithril figures :
Sylvan Elves : M70 and M71
Rangers of Ithilien : M378 and M379
Dwarves : M111 and M160 

I begin with M111, Dwarvish Scout .
He could be an adventurer or even one the dwarves of the Hobbit, I think.
No more to say about.
Pictures !