18 juillet 2020

MITHRIL M72 : "Silvan Tracker" (Elf)

I wanted to paint the three elves of the range "The Halls of the Elvenking" 
M70 Silvan Bowman
M71 Silvan Swordsman 
M72 Silvan Tracker  

I've painted (and redone a little) M70 & M71, and now I show the third one.
I've taken also pictures of both M70 M71 with or without M72 

What about those "Silvan Elves" ? 
"The Silvan Elves (Tawarwaith), or the Wood-elves, was a name used to refer to the reclusive, forest-dwelling Elves of Middle-earth. In the late Third Age, the Silvan Elves mostly belonged either to the Galadhrim or to the Elves of Mirkwood" ( more here : Tolkien Gateway - Silvan Elves )

 (Famous Silvan Elves : King Thranduil, father of Legolas)  

And with M70 and M71 :

More to come ... soon !  

16 juillet 2020

MITHRIL ~ M377 Faramir (as Ranger of the Ithilien ) ...

I continue the range of "Rangers of the Ithilien" with Faramir, captain of the Company.
On the Mithril web-store , not a lot of information :
 "Faramir was the younger son of Denethor, the ruling steward of Gondor during the War of the Ring at the end of the Third Age."
But more informations on "Tolkien's Gateway" :

The Rangers of Ithilien were a Gondorian special operations force, selected from the descendants of the people who had dwelt in Ithilien before it fell from Gondor's control. Dressed in camouflaging green and brown, they crossed the Anduin in secret to harass the forces of the Enemy in Gondor's old domain and used several secret retreats in the region.


It is likely that the Rangers of Ithilien were established at the same time that Henneth Annûn was built, in T.A. 2901 when most of the remaining inhabitants of the region departed due to Uruk attacks from Mordor. The Rangers' main task was to harry Sauron's forces whenever they entered Ithilien.
At the time of the War of the Ring,  the leader of these Rangers was Faramir, son of the Ruling Steward Denethor.
 Other Rangers at that time were Damrod, Mablung and Anborn
On 7 March 3019, Frodo and Sam witnessed a harassing attack by the Rangers of Ithilien upon a regiment of Southrons  marching north. The two hobbits were captured by Faramir and other Rangers and brought to Henneth Annûn.  Faramir learned of the One Ring carried by Frodo and captured Gollum, but on 8 March, he let the three go to seek entry into Mordor.
Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien left Henneth Annûn on 9 March. The Rangers fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.  When the Army of the West marched through Ithilien on its way to the Morannon, a powerful force of Orcs and Easterlings tried to ambush its leading companies, but the Rangers of Ithilien, led by Mablung (since Faramir was recovering in the Houses of Healing) trapped the ambushers and destroyed them.
After the defeat of Sauron it may be that the Rangers of Ithilien became the White Company, the guard of Faramir, who became the Prince of Ithilien at the command of King Elessar."

I love this figure, Faramir is very expressive and the pose is perfect.
He seems to look down ... it gives me some idea ...
Let's see with pictures ...

09 juillet 2020

MITHRIL M192 : HUNDIN, Bandit Chief (with his Lady M194 : Female Bandit.)

I've just finished some figures started a few weeks ago ! 
I begin with a bandit :
M192: Hundin, Bandit Chief... perfect to go with his "Lady"  
M194: Female Bandit  painted some time ago !
They are both ex-Gondorians, converted as Bandits in Tir Limlight *.(MERP Creation )
Logically, I could paint both other bandits from M193 ... later maybe ? 
Note that the Band is supposed to count 7 outlaws ... I'm sure it's possible to find 3 other figures to complete the " bandits fellowship of Tir Limlight  *"...  

* Tir Limlight is a fictive castle in the South of the Fangorn Forest, near the river of the same name (which really exist in the Tolkien's universe). Perfectly placed on the road from North to South and the great River Anduin. Merchants, travellers, etc... but also orcs, give  sufficient potential victims for the Bandits ! Hundin is using an Orc scimitar, wear a bag from Laketown, the Lady has a northman style bow and a Sagath style quiver and dagger ) 

Ready for pictures ? 
let's go !

Coming soon... stay tuned ! :
M377 Faramir (as Ranger of the Ithilien ) 
LR22: Bilbo Farewell's Speech 
M403: Woodman Girl with Bow
M72: Silvan Tracker