05 juillet 2019


It seems that I've made some progress ... 
Not great painting job but I'm quite satisfied at all ! 

Pictures ? 
Let's go ! 


02 juillet 2019

I've really start to paint again !

Hi ! 
I've said before that I wanted to paint again .. I've done ! 
I've started a new (quite big ) project ... but I prefer to keep it in a secret pocket for the moment. 
I must say that it's difficult to paint after so many years and my skill is down. 
Just a picture of the table : 

I'm also painting some horses for Tombstown , need them for the Corral I've not started.  

I'm really not satisfied, I liked to paint horses but it seems that I don't know any more how to do ! 

Next time, I will post some pictures of  a part of Tombstown.